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Following London, New York, Zurich and Copenhagen - welcome to the "Sydney Behavioural Economics & Behavioural Science Network Meetup"! On the second or third Wednesday of every month (starting 15 October 2014) we get together to discuss interdisciplinary books, thoughts, experiences, applications and anything else from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary economics and more.

Whether just starting to learn about the field or if you have many years of research / applied experience we would love to see you there! Stay tuned for more information, special guests and related book group discussions. Feel free to drop by for a bit, or stay for a while. It’s a very friendly bunch, and all are welcome. And do bring any friends or colleagues that you think may enjoy it.

Follow the network on twitter @SydneyBEnet (https://twitter.com/SydneyBEnet). The Meetup hashtag is #BENsyd (https://twitter.com/hashtag/BENsyd?src=hash)

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"Optimally Irrational" Professor Lionel Page's new book!

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** This is an online event, and open to international audiences without charge. The link is visible for those that RSVP. **

In this session, Professor Lionel Page - one of Australia's leading behavioural economists - will present his new book Optimally Irrational!

For a long time, economists have assumed that we were cold, self-centred, rational decision makers – so-called Homo economicus; the last few decades have shattered this view. The world we live in and the situations we face are of course rich and complex, revealing puzzling aspects of our behaviour. Optimally Irrational argues that our improved understanding of human behaviour shows that apparent 'biases' are good solutions to practical problems – that many of the 'flaws' identified by behavioural economics are actually adaptive solutions. Page delivers an ambitious overview of the literature in behavioural economics and, through the exposition of these flaws and their meaning, presents a unified view of behavioural economics, cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology. He gathers theoretical and empirical evidence about the causes of behavioural 'biases' and proposes a big picture of what the discipline means for economics.

Professor Page is a Professor in Economics at the University of Queensland and the Director of the Behavioural and Economic Science Cluster there. He is a behavioural economist who studies how people make decisions. His research regularly attracts the attention of media, including The New York Times, Financial Times, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, and Wall Street Journal.

Reviews for the book:
“Lionel Page’s book is the best I know at expounding how this cross-fertilization of disciplines works - meaty in its choice of examples without going overboard on technical details.” Ken Binmore – UCL

“This book is a must-read for any scientist interested in the irrational side of human behaviour. Beyond, it will be a great read to educated readers fond of behavioural economics.” Peter Bossaerts – Cambridge University

"Page’s deeper examination of behavioural economics is thoughtful and wide ranging. I learned much from this insightful and engaging book." David Hirshleifer – University of California Irvine

“Almost a century after the official divorce of economics from psychology, and some three decades into the behavioural revolution, Lionel Page offers a lucid and intelligent assessment of the state of the science.” Itzak Gilboa – HEC Paris

** This is an online event, and open to international audiences without charge. The link is visible for those that RSVP. **

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Vishal George on "5 STEPS to behavioural innovation" (interactive session)

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