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This is a Christian group for everything Christian.
Please do not join if you are not either a Christian or serious about becoming a Christian !

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Unplanned ! - The abortion movie.

Event Cinemas Castle Hill

Hello Christians ! By going to this movie, you will help this movie to be seen hopefully Australia-wide and therefore put an end to Abortion aka legalised murder of baby girls and baby boys ! You must book through the Fan-Force link ! https://fan-force.com/screenings/unplanned-event-cinemas-castle-hill/?fbclid=IwAR3_0DUOvzuH-MAjxkAYRvl9eaS5be_v4nPJOtmyJFNe_XrhJjLv5Wab5aw Hope to see you there ! Lester. [masked] :-)

Achieve Your Goals Dinner !

The Watershed Kitchen

Hello Christians ! This Dinner is for those of us who want to achieve our goals in life ! It will contain a system to get you on track within 2 weeks and stay on track to achieving your goaIs. I don't want to give away too much, cause that's what the meetup is for ! The system works ! It will deal with all parts of your life. Health, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Family etc. All it requires is you to come prepared to take it seriously and make an effort. There will be takeaway handout folder and a follow up plan to keep you on track. We will also have dinner on the waters edge at The Watershed Kitchen, Drummoyne ! Hope to see you there ! Lester :-)[masked]

Manly Ferry Fun Day 2019 !

City Extra Restaurant

Hello Christians ! Welcome to the Manly Ferry Fun Day 2019 ! Details to come. Cafe, ferry, walk, bar, walk, restaurant, ferry, dancing and friendships made.

Lester's party.

Needs a location

Only for those who know me well. Same place as last year. Some new faces this year though. :-)

Past Events

Dinner and drinks at The Oaks !

The Oaks Hotel

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