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Free Drink Friday @ Morrison (First 30 peeps a free Drink ) 3 Hour Happy Hour
First 30 peeps to sign in with hosts will receive a free drink voucher. Our GROUP WILL ALSO RECEIVE EXCLUSIVELY A 3 HOUR HAPPY HOUR (5-8pm) Friday Drinks night out, (FREE ENTRY) should be a great night full of dancing and new friends! Limited spaces available so RSVP early! Dress to impress and meet us in the Main Bar from 5.30pm - 8pm for happy hour drinks. Starting off at The Morrison with $10 Cocktails and $10 Burgers. Plus a $5 happy hour from 5-7. Entry Cost:$5.00 per person Cash Starting at 5.30pm for Happy Hour Drinks til 7 then Dinner 7.30pm to 9pm( optional ) Entry Cost: $5.00 cash please try to bring correct change Dancing from 9pm at the near by Establishment/Ivy or Argyle Roma,Mark, Stefano & Team Hosts FYI - To all new & existing members this is a combined Meetup event, whilst numbers maybe low on one group, there will be higher numbers on other group. In respect of owners of the groups I cannot disclose the names of the other Meetup groups. However please check against Mark’s 20 Combined Meetup groups for RSVPs across the groups

Morrision Hotel Sydney

Cnr Bridge & George Street · Sydney


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Hi all,

I’ve rebranded the name of this group - as Marketing, Sales and Negotiation are intertwined and if you get good at all these aspects you can expand your horizons and do extremely well.

We’ll still be covering the previous group topics but I’ve noticed that people might appear to be good at internet or network marketing but if they’re lacking in their Sales &/or Negotiation skills then they really fall short. The aim of this group is to expand these all important requisite skills as well help you really grow and aspire to reach your potential.


Internet Marketing is the use of the internet to bring awareness of a products or services to users of the internet.

Ii is a broad field that contains many different elements. Internet Marketing often is one part of a “Marketing Mix” that can include traditional media such as radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Internet Marketing is the internet side of this mix.

An “Internet Marketer” focuses on marketing efforts that uses the internet as the sole means of marketing.

This can incorporate such elements as web design, SEO, copywriting, email marketing, online PR, one on one marketing and direct online sales.


Many Network Marketing Companies are up to date with Internet Marketing techniques and use the best strategies to help their members to make sales.

Network Marketing has been perceived negatively by many because of old publicity about “pyramid schemes” that have now been outlawed.

But did you know that Network Marketing is now being taught at over 200 Schools and Colleges in US, including Harvard University?

In fact many innovators are choosing to market and sell goods through the network marketing model. Members of the network then effect sales through direct selling, one on one marketing, internet marketing and social networking.

With increasing use of the internet and mobile devices with internet access it is obvious that more and more people will be making purchases online.

Ask yourself 3 questions:
1. Are you making a fortune on the internet?
2. Are there fortunes being made on the internet?
3. Are you making a fortune on the internet?

Surveys have shown increasing use of the Internet for shopping by all generations: The X, Y and Z generations, baby boomers and an ever increasing proportion of seniors.

The advantage of network marketing is that you can start your business for less than $500. You can grow it in your spare time with consistent steady effort. Eventually you can achieve a residual income that will replace your full time job.

The network company will let you take the time to acquire the skills

This is important because it takes time for your values to change from that of being an employee or small business owner to a network marketer.

Once you see the core value you will never go back to a ‘job’, and why work so hard for a company or a business that you will never own?

Network Marketing incorporates the best of both Networking and Internet Marketing.

See what Robert Kiyosaki says bout Network Marketing.


Many of are events are purely social events.

This will give you the opportunity to meet more people and expand your social network.

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