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This is a meetup group for lawyers, law students, paralegals and anyone interested in law and legal practice. Its aim is to create career and social networks through varied and informal activities, including pub trivia nights, drinks and dinners, movie and gallery visits...anything that takes our fancy, really.

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Planning for Future Meetups
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Needs a location

I am going away for a few weeks, so am looking to schedule the next Meetup for late April. Our informal group has the freedom and flexibility to meet in a variety of locations and various venues, so I would love to hear your ideas for future Meetups. A favourite restaurant? A cool bar? An event that sounds fun? Please let us know by commenting below. For example: a previous comment has suggested dinner after one of the Marbury Chambers Free CLE/CPD meetings in the city. The only things we need to remember are access to public transport and cost effectiveness since some of our members are students and volunteers. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Spring Coffee

Well Co. Cafe & Wine bar