What we're about

This is a fun charity group singalong with the original music, original vocals, and original lyrics from famous hit songs you love. Just some microphones, some speakers, quality music, scrolling lyrics videos projected on a screen black-on-white, and drinks. Held in a super venue with a bar, people take turns leading the crowd through famous songs from their favourite stars and bands, with everybody singing.

Q: How does it work ? What's the format ?

There are a couple of mics for one or more people leading a song, and one for the convenor/MC. (The mics go through a special vocal processing unit that helps remove feedback squeals.) People take turns to lead the crowd through their favourite songs chosen from the song-list (see below). Everybody may sing - whether holding a mic or not - and ALL singing levels are most welcome.

NEWS: We now have scrolling lyrics videos with LARGE TEXT for all of the featured songs !

Please note, this is not karaoke-style (and we won't be holding any future "in-between" events in karaoke spaces, it's simply not as good). This is a true group singalong with a super sound setup.

Q: Where will it be held and how often ?

Our new home venue is the wonderful 107 Redfern community events centre, which has both a Performance Space (downstairs) and a Conference Room Space (upstairs), so please always check which room we are using on a given night.

Announcements will be made for individual events, but it will likely be held roughly every month or so.

There will also sometimes be some smaller events at a new rehearsal space venue in Sydney !

Q: What is the best way to get there

For 107 Redfern events it's best to use public transport to Redfern Station and walk to Redfern St. Easy ! And better if you drink. There is usually parking in the side-streets.

Q: Is there a charge ?

Yes. There is a $20 entry fee towards the venue hire. Any profit goes to the Heart Research Institute (HRI), the chosen charity for the event. For copyright/royalty reasons this is not allowed to be a profit-making event, and the convenor does not profit financially from the event, but there are costs to be covered for the venue. You can pay cash $$$ entry or buy tickets in advance online via Humanitix (see each event's page).

You are also encouraged to make donations directly into the Heart Research Institute (HRI) donation tin near the stage. "Have a heart, have a sing !"

Any profits made from drinks, however, belong to the venue. You pay for your own drinks of course !

Q: Is there food DURING the event ?

No. Please eat well beforehand, food is not allowed in the venues.

Q: Is there food BEFORE the event ?

There are always plenty of good restaurants and pubs nearby, and sometimes we'll have pre-event meeting points for the hungry (please check for each event). I recommend The Tudor Hotel bistro for the 107 Redfern events.

Q: Do I have to be able to sing (well) ?

No ! If you found this you can probably sing at least a bit, or enjoy trying. Some people who attend will be able to really sing. You don't have to lead the singalong at any stage if you are shy, or you can share a mic with your friends. The trick is to pick a song that suits you. We have a huge mix from soft ballads to full-on disco, pop, and rock hits for you to choose from. If you like singing it and it's famous (so others will know the words) we like playing it for you :)

Q: Do I have to be able to drink (well) ?

Not really; it may however make you "feel" like you are singing better. Sing, drink, sing some more And there are non-alcohol drinks too of course.

Q: Is this a singles event ?

Not specifically, but singles are most welcome !

Q: How do I choose a song to sing ?

The host now chooses all of the songs (with your welcome input on the night), but you may suggest songs in advance. This is the growing list of songs for which the convenor creates scrolling lyrics videos:


And no, they are not all just ABBA, it's alphabetical. Scroll all the way down for U2 !


Q: How do I send you the details of a song I'd like to sing ?

If you already have a favourite song in mind you’d like to lead us with through please send a Meetup message to the convenor (or public group announcement) with the name of the artist/band and the song title. Ask first, it may already be on the list. If not, then if possible:

- Provide a download link to a LEGALLY PURCHASED quality version of the song via Dropbox or similar cloud service (MP3 or AAC format at 320 Mbps preferred, or WAV/FLAC etc. OK).

Usually, the convenor can chase up lyrics easily. Chasing up the music is harder (and costs). BTW: This is strictly a not-for-profit charity event, so there are no copyright/royalty issues.

Q: What songs/artists should I suggest ?

Famous songs that are good singalong ones. Choose a "classic", an "oldie" or "the latest" hit song, just make sure some other people will probably know it and will be encouraged to singalong with it. (This is not a showcase for solo performances of rare stuff.)

Not every song that is good song to hear is a good singalong song ! People often suggest a song just because they like playing it, but that does not mean it's easy for everyone to sing. For example, I've had lots of people ask for Adele songs, but then nobody sings them - except for Adele, and she does it extremely well of course.

Q: Can it be a cover version ?

Yes. If it's a good cover version of a well-known song, by all means. For example, Jessica Mauboy sings the living daylights out of the classic "Heard it on the Grapevine" (and it's a big favourite on our song-list).

Q: Must the songs be in English ?

'Je suis un rock star, Je avais un residence, Je habiter la, A la south of France, Voulez vous, Partir with me?, And come and rester la, With me in France'

Q: Is there an anthem song for the Sydney Originals Singalong (SOS) group ?

Yes S.O.S. from ABBA of course ! There will be (at least) one ABBA song every event.

Q: Does everybody else in the world like ABBA as much as the convenor ?

Probably not. And no, we don't just play ABBA.

Q: Does anybody else in the world like The Pretenders, Amy Winehouse, Blur, Norah Jones, and Supertramp as much as the convenor ?

Maybe. Just maybe.

Q: Does everybody get a chance to lead a song ?

The basic format is for 5 hours, which usually fits about 40 or 50 songs. For large crowds, friends can lead songs in twos or threes at a time on the main mic. In any case, you'll get to sing and singalong.

Q: Are there age limits ?

There is no age limit on the music choices or attendees, other than the venue's youth entry restrictions; please check directly with the venue !

Q: Can karaoke fans attend ?

Yes, absolutely ! Just don't expect any lame videos of sunsets with young couples holding hands at sunset at the beach. We use the original music, and ALWAYS with the original artists and vocals playing, and with a super live sound system.

Q: Are there any rules ?

Yes. Be nice; Respect others and the rules of the venue.

The convenor coordinates who leads which songs when. Be patient. Singalong with the crowd until your turn comes. Usually, everybody will get a chance to shine somehow. Sing-along.

Please don't bring instruments (and NO DRUMS). This is for singing only. The original music has the instruments in it already; we sing-a-long.

The following are strictly forbidden:

- Drunken screaming into microphones. Please sing, don't scream. (Your screaming probably ain't as good as Jimmie Barnes' screaming.)

- Grabbing a microphone forcefully out of the hand of another person who is leading a song.

- Touching the laptop computer or projector or mixer or other equipment of the convenor or the venue without the explicit permission of the convenor and/or venue.

- Any aggression of any kind. Respect the convenor, the MC, the other guests, the venue staff, and their rules.

Q: Who is the convenor ?

Darren Kelly (PLAY) of Bondi is a former musician/performer who these days just likes to sing music from other actually famous musicians and bands. His absolute favourite band of all time is Supertramp, his absolute favourite singer of all time is Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders (the pure power of sincerity) - followed very closely by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac - and his favourite male pop singers are Damon Albarn of Blur fame and Rob Smith of The Cure (excellent singalong music). And he loves to sing songs from Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" (lads just have to change the lyrics from "he" to "she" a lot) and Norah Jones. He loves ELO ! And he wishes he could sing as well as Jamiroquai.

PLAY will lead one of their songs every event. And he knows the words to too many Beatles songs. And Air Supply, Bee Gees, John Denver, The Eagles, Don McLean, The Smiths, Bob Marley, Split Enz, Cold Chisel, Hall & Oates, Santana, George Michael, R.E.M., Sia, U2, Veronicas, B52s, Aretha, Oz Crawl, Elton John, Gloria Gaynor, Bruce Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, ...

And he's trying to learn the words to some good newer songs, too.

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