What we're about

****Who's it for?****

Possibility Bubbles is for people who want to live the most fulfilling and happy lives they can - people who are (or want to become) authentic and generous, looking for the joy in everyday life and using it to become more grounded, resilient and contented. The idea is to meet and get to know each other, sharing that "everyday wisdom" that comes from life's experiences: What makes life good? How do we stay happy and strong? What constitutes success and how do we get there? What's the best champagne in the pub tonight?

****What's the format?****

Initially we'll meet for informal get-togethers, to get to know each other, chat about our experiences and have a coffee or drink. Once the group grows we'll work up to more formal events, with guest speakers to inform, remind, inspire and motivate us.

****Where will we meet?****

We'll use a variety of venues and meet at different times of the day - just to shake it up! Wherever possible we'll choose venues that are central or on public transport routes, and try to find venues in areas that suit the members.

****What to do next?****

If this sounds like you, or you just want to check us out, join the group complete the questions, letting me know what parts of town are convenient for you. I'll schedule an initial meet in the CBD to get the ball rolling.

So join now - we'd love to see you!

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September Catch up

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Mid-winter Bubbles

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