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Tai Chi - Chen Style -
Improve Balance, coordination, and flexibility. Learn how to relax the body and release tension. Develop awareness of life force energy and enhance inner flow. Improve posture and structural alignment. Reduce stress and increase wellness. Tai Chi offers all of this and more. Tai Chi is an internal martial art which encourages the flow of life force energy through a series of spiralling movements and various postures. The health benefits of Tai Chi are numerous and well documented, but the only way to know for sure is to try it for yourself! The First Class is Free. All levels welcome. Join a class and see for yourself the benefits. Learn traditional Chen Family Tai Chi taught in the traditional format which includes standing post meditation, silk reeling, and the 75 Movement Lao Jia Yi Lu form. My name's Colin and I've been practicing Chen Family Tai Chi for over a decade. The purpose of this training is to give you a solid foundation for your practice and perhaps show you a side of Tai Chi that you have not seen before. Bring some water with you and wear comfortable clothing and comfortable footwear. Generally flat soled training shoes are best for Tai Chi but not essential in the beginning. If you have any trouble finding us you can give me a call on[masked]. Weekday Classes are every Tuesday and Friday at 6pm at Oatley Castle near Oatley Park > > You will find us either on top of the castle or underneath if it is raining. Sunday class is at Old's park Penshurst at 2pm until 3:30pm > You will find us either on the basketball courts or in the large shelter facing the field. Tuesday's and Friday's classes start at 6pm until 7:30pm. Sunday Class starts at 2pm every Sunday and finishes at 3:30pm. Come and join if you can!

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What we're about

This meetup is for anyone interested in improving their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Bring balance into your life and learn a training system which has been designed for the purpose of facilitating the flow of life force energy.

Learn a full body exercise that can be practiced anywhere and anytime and stays with you for life.

Taijiquan (T’ai chi ch’uan) is a combination of martial arts and Qigong which originated in China. It is a fusion of Yin and Yang brought to life through movement. It is a martial art, a meditative art, a philosophy, and a spiritual practice.

It is known worldwide as an internal martial art that trains the body to move naturally and has numerous benefits which include stress reduction, relaxation, balance, coordination, mental clarity, improved focus and concentration, increased stamina, fluidity, increased energy, leg strength, and many more.

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