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All test professionals and software development people are welcome — programmers, managers, designers, architects, technical support folk, documentors, project managers, etc.

Sydney Testers is about smarter software testing. We welcome any IT professional that performs or supports the practice of testing. This may be manual testers, automation specialists, performance, security, test managers, developers (acceptance testing and unit testing), devops crew, end users (UAT testing), and others...

We are a group of people with a focus to improve testing for Sydney. We operate under a shared set of values and principles. We seek to practice high-value testing rather than so-called "best practice".

Anyone is welcome to join this meetup group that wants to do any of the following:

• Stay fresh with the latest trends

• Network with testing professionals

• Learn new testing techniques and tools

Sydney Testers holds monthly networking meetups and talks.

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Automating Real-User Scenarios across Multi-Apps and Multi-Devices, Anand Bagmar

Are you keen to enhance your test automation skills, especially when it comes to complex, real-world scenarios across web, mobile and native and desktop apps? Then you will love this talk by Applitools' highly experienced software quality evangelist Anand Bagmar!

Simulating real-user scenarios as part of your automation is a solved problem. You need to understand the domain, the product, the user, and then define and implement your scenario.

But there are some types of scenarios that are complex to implement.
These are the real-world scenarios having multiple personas (users) interacting with each other to use some business functionalities. These personas may be on the same platform or different (web / mobile-web / native apps / desktop applications).

Example scenarios:

  • How do you check if more than 1 person is able to join a zoom / teams meeting? And that they can interact with each other?
  • How do you check if the end-2-end scenario that involves multiple users, across multiple apps works as expected?
  • Given user places order on Amazon (app / browser)
  • When delivery agent delivers the order (using Delivery app)
  • Then user can see the order status as "Delivered"

Even though we will automate and test each application in such interactions independently, or test each persona scenarios independently, we need a way to build confidence that these multiple personas and applications can work together. These scenarios are critical to automate!

In this session, he will demonstrate teswiz, an open-source framework that can easily automate these multi-user, multi-app, multi-device scenarios. He will also mention how to run these tests on local and in CI pipelines.

Teswiz enables, and guides you to implement your automated tests while adhering to the principles of test automation, like - independent tests that run in parallel, against multiple environments using environment-specific-test-data and generate rich and contextual reports (and test execution trends) in report portal.

Test coverage is increased by using Applitools Visual AI, along with Applitools Ultrafast Test Cloud.

In addition, Teswiz takes away the pain of managing your browsers, and android / iOS / windows devices for automation. The automated tests can run on local browsers / devices, or against any cloud provider, such as HeadSpin, BrowserStack, SauceLabs, pCloudy.

#### Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Understanding of multi-user scenarios and why multi-device capability is required as a core capability of your framework - 5 min
  • Introducing teswiz and its tech stack (https://github.com/znsio/teswiz) - 5 min
  • Configurations and capabilities (logging, reporting, visual testing) - 5 min
  • Demo 1 - multi-user, multi-device scenario execution - 8 min
  • A new requirement - multi-app support - 5 min
  • Demo 2 - multi-user, multi-device, multi-app scenario execution - 8 min
  • Running in the CI pipelines - 5 min
  • What next? - 2 min
  • Q&A

About Anand Bagmar

Anand is a Software Quality Evangelist with 20+ years in the software testing field. He is passionate about shipping a quality product, specializes in Product Quality strategy & execution, and also builds automated testing tools, infrastructure, and frameworks.

Anand is a contributor to the Selenium project, writes testing-related blogs, and has built open-source tools related to Software Testing – WAAT (Web Analytics Automation Testing Framework), TaaS (for automating the integration testing in disparate systems), TTA (Test Trend Analyzer) and teswiz. His website and blog can be found at http://essenceoftesting.com/ .

This great talk will be held at Prezzee and sponsored by Talent Realized - our thanks to both. There will be food and drinks provided at the event and it will also be a great opportunity to network and meet other testers.

Come along, it's not to be missed!

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