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Special Effects Challenge
A short exercise for a later date. As each person RSVPs, I'll assign them a special effects challenge based on what I know of them and what their profile says. Some easy, some tricky. Examples: -- Illuminate your subject with a shaft of light. -- Shoot someone. -- Create rain. -- Shoot a fight scene. -- Simulate motion from inside a stationary car. -- Dissolve someone into dust. -- Have a vampire bite someone. -- Transform a person into a cat. -- Hit the Opera House with a missile. -- Film a person falling from a multi-storey building. Each person then has to work out how to achieve the effect. Feel free to consult with me or anyone else in the group if you need equipment, instructions, ideas, or other help. I won't set impossible challenges. Main point of the exercise: fun, and stretching your skills a little bit, as you work out how to achieve things. We'll meet somewhere for a few hours to shoot any green screen material (I can supply a basic screen), and hopefully have the special effect ready to show a week after that.

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