What we're about

Proudly Presented by Sydney Grub Crawl, the ultimate food tours and events for Sydney locals and visitors!

Who We Are?

Sydney Grub Crawl is regarded by many repeat customers and countless reviews as the ultimate food tour and event company, offering a funfilled experience for locals and visitors alike in and around the beautiful city of Sydney. Stella Z (aka Stella Bella), the creative mind behind Sydney Grub Crawl, is a professionally trained food tour guide and event planner. Stella has many years experience both locally and overseas, and goes out of her way to make every experience unique and special for her customers.

What We Do?

How often do you hear of dreams turning into reality? Sydney Grub Crawl started from humble beginnings after an about face on a blossoming career in Linguistics. Following the completion of a double master degrees in Arts, Stella spent a number of years in a job that paid the bills and earned her awards, but didn't quite stimulate her passion for customer service and love of food. During this time Stella had begun to focus more on her role as a volunteer organizer for a large social walking group where she organized a lot of cool events including food tours and day trips. It wasn't until a jaunt overseas that the idea dawned on her. One fine morning, while enjoying a siesta on a beach in Spain, Stella had a dream. Thus emerged the Sydney Grub Crawl. Sydney Grub Crawl is and continues to envision the dream from all our highly successful business practices.

Why Choose Us?

Healthy living, happy living and green living are the defining aspects of all our food tours and events. It is designed to provide you with a real life connection between natural and healthy living through foods and games. It is designed to let you enjoy a day out with a bunch of friends and share a silly laugh whilst taking in some of the fine offerings of food and pleasure this wonderful city has to offer.

What Is Our Mission?

To create real life connections through the love of food and the enjoyment social activities.

To enrich the life experience of our participants with our funfilled and unique tours and events

To promote an active, healthy, happy and green living

What Are Our Values?

Passion: Our level of passion is contagious for all that we do and in every interaction we have with you.

Excellence: We are dedicated to provide fun events and tours that you are sure to remember.

Fun: Need we explain this anymore? This is one of our prime guarantees!

Green: Experience a local, low carbon footprint through our ecofriendly business venture.

About Founder Stella Bella

Stella Bella (M.A. University of Sydney; M.A. Macquarie University; B.A. University of Tianjin,China; Dip. Event Management, TAFE Loftus). A certified food tour guide, event organiser and lifestyle designer. Love travel, food, bushwalking, dancing and everything exotic. Favourite Cuisines are Spanish tapas, Indian curry and of course mum's home cooking. Looking forward to sharing my food adventures and stories with you at Sydney Grub Crawl food tours and events.

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