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What we’re about

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This group is for people who are MtF, FtM, Non-Binary or Genderqueer. It is not open to those who identify as cross dressers, transvestites or admirers.
This group has been created to cater for people that identify as being Transgender. The hand we've been dealt does not have to equal a lonely road, there are many others out there like us. This is a great way that we can get together over lunch or a coffee and chat about whatever you wish; coming out, hormones, clothing options, even everyday life, the list is endless. It doesn't matter how far into transition you are, we have members who are just beginning the process of coming out, to those who are post-op and legally recognized in their affirmed gender, and everything in between. This is not a support group as such, but we are here to make friends and support one another.
- This group is for people who are <br>*MtF or FtM who are transitioning or wish to transition, to their correct gender, <br>* Non-Binary people who present male, female or neither, <br>*Genderqueer or Genderfluid people regardless of how they present, <br>* Basically if you identify as Transgender you are welcome.
This group is not open to those who identify as cross dressers, transvestites or admirers.
- We have members varying in age of FtM and MtF and NB.
- If you have a partner or other family member who has questions bring them along and we can help answer them.
- When it comes to Meetups, there are no expectations to present in any way other than how you feel comfortable. Guy-mode, Girl-mode, Andro; it's all about making friends, making contact, and feeling safe and accepted. We all understand the social perceptions of what is "Male" and "Female", and do not wish members to feel uncomfortable, anxious, pressured, or in any way discriminated against for dressing outside the "norm".
- If your profile photo is classified as inappropriate, you will be requested to change it, and if not changed, you will be removed from the group.
- If you don't fill out your questionnaire correctly you will not be accepted.
- New memberships will be subject to approval by one of our organisers.