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Right now it's a great moment to be a technologist. From micro services, to ES6, to functional programming: the shape of the software development industry is radically and rapidly changing by the month. This group aims to enable software professionals to explore new technologies and to stay on top of every thing development.

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Devjam Conference

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Sytac is pleased to announce that we are hosting our next conference on Friday, September 30th. We call it the DevJam Conference.
As a company, we highly encourage knowledge-sharing, and DevJam is an opportunity for our developers and partners to do so. Sytac developers have been hosting the DevJam Meetup (DJM) for several years now, and this is the DevJam Conference (DJF) second edition.
The conference will be presented to you by Sytac consultants, partners, and external speakers, ranging from a wide variety of development-related topics such as Blockchain, Serverless Cloud, Kafka, Machine Learning, Microfrontends, and Data Science. Join us!


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Sytac Azure Night | July 2022

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