What we're about

Turf is is a new high growth sports and fitness meet up for Australian entrepreneurs.

Turf will create a vibrant community within which sports and fitness entrepreneurs will meet each other, people in their industry and potential investors to share insights, learn about the markets and establish relationships to support the success of their ventures.

Turf is about growth and success in sport and fitness. Turf is both literal and emotional. Many sports and fitness activities are literally played on turf however for those that aren't turf is still just as relevant.

My turf, you're turf, home turf, disputed turf, hallowed turf and foreign turf just for a start

Turf will foster innovation and high growth for entrepreneurial ventures within the Eco system competitor sport - professional and grassroots - and personal fitness.

Turf will encourage companies that create innovative new products and services for teams and fans and individuals.

Turf will embrace fitness orientated businesses which strive to promote personal performance which is not directly competition linked.

Technology will be highly relevant to turf but only insofar as it improves performance, organisation or the enjoyment of viewing sport and fitness activities. Turf is sport and fitness first but will recognise the importance of technology as a key part of the competition, training, marketing and viewing experience.

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