What we're about

Tech can be a powerful tool for achieving positive change. But it can also be a weapon that enables problematic behaviours and disrupts society. This is a meetup for programmers who want to make the world better through their work (and actually make it better rather than just pretending to make it better for public relations purposes).

We hold monthly meetups to discuss ethical quandaries and celebrate projects that do make a difference.

What we're into

- effective altruism

- social enterprises

- cleantech/civic tech/health tech/using tech for good

- ethics

- randomised control trials

- science

- promoting success stories

- paying devs to work on important problems

What we're not into

- virtue signalling/social justice warriordom

- greenwashing/astroturfing

- hero worshipping

- fossil fuels, gambling, addictive technology, tobacco, fake news, human trafficking

Past Events

#17: Agtech (agricultural technology)

Online event

#16: Green Wallet, Women in Engineering

Online event

#15: clean energy focus

Online event

#14: financial inclusion + robot fruit pickers + humane tech

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