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Silent Protest with Anonymous for the Voiceless in Mornington
Go to: Anonymous for the for more info. This group is on facebook too. This is an international organisation and is actively making this world a kinder place for animals through a form of silent protest which involves showing actual footage taken of animals in slaughterhouses and in animal testing. Some participants hold a screen while wearing a mask and standing in a circle. This is called "The Cube of Truth". Other participants stand outside the circle to support each other and speak to people who stop about changing their lifestyles towards a kinder world for animals. Dresscode is black if you wish to participate in the cube (circle). You might be interested in attending this event to actively get involved or just for more information for yourself or even as a starting point for your journey towards change. This is a strictly passive and silent protest whereby attendees wait for people to approach for info. Aggressive behaviour is not welcome. This is a gentle, peaceful event and worth getting involved in.

Mornington Library

Corner Queen & Vancouver Streets · Mornington

What we're about

This is a group for people who want to actively raise awareness and campaign for animal rights.

Things you can do to make a difference right now:

- Contact the PM: go to,au, menu then contact. It's really easy. (Now's a good time to tell him to ban live animal export as this is up for debate in parliament in August. See the Ban LIve Export meetup for more details)

- Participate in events organised by "Anonymous for the" who are currently in the city on Saturdays and in Mornington, fortnightly. See specific events for more details.

- Join The Animal Justice Party. This is an actual political group dedicated to changing the world for animals in politics. Its time animals had a political voice, a loud voice as they have been ignored in politics for too long. You might find yourself becoming a candidate or just participate, be supportive and meet some wonderful kind, caring people.

- VOTE 1 - The Animal Justice Party. There's a state election in November.

- Go to and sign petitions, join, share on facebook.

- Join dedicated facebook groups for animal welfare and share.

If you aren't already, look into a vegan, animal friendly diet. There are appalling abuses happening around the world to over 50 billion animals each year that are slaughtered for food. Don't be so trusting of industry. Look into it, you will be horrified at what is done to animals for human consumption.

Finally, this is a group dedicated towards kindness to animals and people too. The only way is a peaceful, compassionate way with understanding and love.

Please get involved and aim to dedicate a little of every week doing something towards a kinder world for animals. Let's see change.



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