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We welcome the adventurous, the brave and the curious to sit amongst a like minded community of fellow travellers all looking to foster and flourish on this journey through life.

This is a group for anyone interested in exploring how we can utilise the top 10 positive emotions, as listed by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson PHD, to enhance our wellbeing and how to foster these emotions not only in ourselves, but also in others and in our communities.

Whether moments of pleasure and joy are eluding you right now or whether you feel like you've got happiness mastered, you will be presented with practical tips and tools to commence your own Flourishing Mission.

This group offers free and paid events that combine Dr. Fredrickson's theories of positive psychology with a healthy dose of laughter, play, movement and meditation.

We aim to bring awareness to simple and achievable ways that we can up our levels of positivity whilst also recognising that we cannot be positive at all times and that negative emotions also play a role in a healthy ratio.

It just takes a mind wide open and a willingness to have fun.

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