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Trance Channel 101: A 4 week Journey Whispering Spirit
Whispering Spirit Trance 101 – We are the Light This is a 4 week embodiment journey for you to discover your innate channelling abilities, in the context of trance and altered states of consciousness and verbal channelling. Each week we deepen our trance channel exploring different intuitive arts. You learn how to clear the channel learning how to hold the frequencies of light as you translate light transmissions. You will give the guides voice each week, nurturing and strengthening your abilities. You become the instrument for the divine, attuned to read for yourself and others. In this journey you learn how to move between worlds, consciously - accessing gateways/portals through all the senses. You unveil your multidimensional experience. You are the portal, you embody the light beings. Who are the Guides? "As you contemplate on who your guides are, know your guide is an Ascended Master. You have descended from an Ascended Master. This is inclusive; all fractals of life/light have descended from ascension. You are one. At the very core of your light we exist together and in that very core you know transcendence. We are much like the family that birthed your physical body and soul into existence in this life time, however the distance that you perceive in your world between yourself and the other doesn’t exist in this way in our world. You are light and a ray of light shimmering from our centre and there is no separation between our light and yours. We are your soul family". ~ Whispering Spirit ~ What will you learn and on this journey? * Trance and altered states of consciousness * Discover how to move between worlds * Learn about your sensory channels * Read for yourself and others * Verbal Channelling * The intuitive arts * The art of embodiment What can you expect to receive? * Hypnotherapy and therapeutic support * Sound activations to activate your healing * Strengthen your relationship with your guide(s) * Gain clarity in your channelling * Receive insight about your soul purpose * Develop self-worth and confidence What you will need to bring: Blanket and pillow, book to write in. Snacks, Tea, Coffee provided Dates: Sunday 5 Aug Sunday 12 Aug Sunday 19 Aug Sunday 26 Aug Investment: $490 Including materials: An insight to Channelling Guide Manual, and Gypsy Cards. Minimum of 4 people, maximum of 8 people. Marina B.Psych, Dip.C, Narrative Therapy, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher Personal Message or call[masked] to reserve your place

Tuart Hill

North Beach Drive · Perth

What we're about

Empower your life! The Heart of Channelling

A 7 week course

Unify with the light of your Guides!

Learn how to channel your Guide and cultivate the nurturing wisdom you seek!

The Guides are beings light, who are here to assist you in living your soul purpose. You have a shared journey together on your soul path. Your Guides first purpose in your relationship in this life time is to help you become heart conscious and align with your love, self-worth and awareness of your higher purpose. They want for you to be living your purpose through heart conscious awareness.

The Guide is your Soul’s teacher. They birthed your light! You have a profound connection with your Guides; they are part of your soul family, they are your soul family!

They care about your path because they have a shared destiny with you in your life time. Their destiny is to enlighten humanity through infinite love and you are gifted to share this light by being the channel, through your unique expression of your soul energy, your harmonic light!

In these sessions, you will discover a wonderful source of empowerment in your life. It will be an opportunity for YOUR beautiful SOUL to SHINE with the support of the sacred presence of your Guides. You will learn how to nurture this relationship with your Guides so you can begin to be open to receive the loving support you need through daily transmissions.

Each session you will be taken on a journey to awaken to the beautiful unity, grace and spiritual treasures buried within the material world and most importantly yourself. You will be gifted with weekly channelled meditations that you may use in your own practice. Each meditation will be gifting you with awareness and a journey into the higher planes of reality into our multidimensional interdimensional experience. Your Guides will be teaching and leading you towards your soul purpose! It is a step by step process of peeling away, lifting the veil and moving through our multidimensional reality, by learning and understanding in the currents of life and the creative process of your heart PLUS, merging with the light of your Guides. We will support you to recognise the simplicity in this process, and provide you with the simplest wisdom to easily traverse the landscape of your heart and soul and lift your energy to the transmissions of the Guides.

What to expect

Week 1 "Soul fire" discovering our senses.

Week 2 "Soul bathing" life is consciously creating through you.

Week 3 "Soul family" light consciousness, the light beings.

Week 4 "Heart consciousness" the door way to trance.

Week 5 "Alignment and Initiation into opening your channels"

Week 6 "Transfiguration" light takes form.

Week 7 "Activating your Soul path"

The Heart of Channeling is a gentle path, it begins with the grounding and aligning with your soul so that you can channel with great clarity and simplicity. We are gifted with this art if we so choose to nurture this gift. The guides do not discriminate, and your soul is waiting in deep mediation to become more conscious in your experience.

The light is always available, it always has been, and it always will be. It radiates upon all of humanity and is felt by all of those who choose to align within its wisdom and healing.

Marina Kirk

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