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Anxiety can be an isolating experience. We often feel as though we are very much alone, even when surrounded by friends and family. Group support can provide us with the understanding and encouragement we need to begin moving forward.

The Panic Room SA offers weekly group support for just $15 per session (2 hours), with support people welcome to attend at no extra charge for the first 5 sessions. Groups are facilitated by counsellor, Kate Henderson, who has lived with and recovered from an anxiety disorder.

Please be aware that this is an adult group (18+). To find out more about specialised anxiety counselling, support for carers, workshops and online support please visit our website


In respecting the privacy of other members, please do not email another Panic Room SA Meetup Group member unless agreed upon in person prior. The administrator reserves the right to remove anyone found to be sending unsolicited emails in this way.

Please do not disclose the identity of another Panic Room SA Meetup Group member to someone outside of the group, or refer to personal comments without their consent.


Material shared by The Panic Room SA Meetup Group members does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Panic Room SA.

Individuals should not consider information posted as personal advice regarding treatment or utilise the group as a replacement for individual therapy. Such information should be obtained directly from a mental health professional.

The Panic Room SA will not be liable under any circumstances to any person for loss or damage resulting from the information or advice provided on this forum. Information is provided on the basis that all members accessing this forum undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

Please refrain from posting the following on The Panic Room SA Meetup page:

- Comments about suicide, self harm, or issues that require urgent professional attention. For appropriate assistance please contact one of the crisis services listed in the ‘About’ section.

- Religious, political or other highly controversial content that may cause division and divert us from our primary purpose.

- Content that may be viewed as racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory or offensive in any way.

- Advertising, material that is self-promotion, or material that promotes professionals, products, services or events independent of The Panic Room SA.

In addition, please refrain from:

- Approaching the administrator for extensive and personal therapeutic advice in lieu of seeking appropriate individual therapy.


Please respect other users of this community. The Panic Room SA does not tolerate abuse directed toward members, external services or The Panic Room SA itself.

The administrator reserves the right to remove or edit any comment at any time should they see fit.

All members are expected to read and abide by The Panic Room SA Meetup Group Guidelines and may be removed if found to be in violation of these without notice.

The Panic Room SA reserves the right to remove those in breach of these guidelines.

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