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Online event: Discover a Step by Step System for Stock Market Trading
Hello fellow FOREX traders! Are you opened to expand your knowledge to other areas of trading? If you are open-minded and would like to learn different aspects of trading involving Stocks and Options in US market, please make sure to visit our next online event. During this online event you will know, how to make money using proven strategy and you will get other useful information about stock trading. REGISTER NOW! The access link will be sent to you after the registration. EVENT DETAILS Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2018 Time: 7:00pm Sydney time (GMT+10) Look forward to seeing you at the online event! Dr. Igor Vasiliev, EMBA

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To introduce the FOREX market to potential new traders and familiarize them with the basics and comparison of this market to other markets, the pitfalls and landmines, in order to prevent FOREX traders from losing their money in the first 30-90 days of having a LIVE account. Also, to explain why the DAY trading strategy we use works so well and give a trader the information they need to not only survive this market but have consistently profitable trades.

My wife and I have been trading the FOREX market for over 7 years and have been helping other traders for almost that long. We are full-time DAY traders; we believe there is no reason to be in the market any longer than is necessary to be profitable and it is possible to do this with less risk and better preservation of capital than as a SWING or POSITION trader. Why? The longer you are IN the market, the greater the risk, as well as the larger your draw-down or used margin. By trading shorter duration trades and multiple lots you limit your risk, providing you have a proven profitable criteria that gets you in and out of a trade regardless of the market condition. This is what we have and share with you.

We travel quite a bit but can always be contacted via the "Contact Us" button on this site. We always reply. Meetups will be posted when we are in town.

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