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The Business of Being Creative is a series of mini-masterclasses for creatives who would like to do what they love ALL THE TIME.

If you are a creative person of any level or type you will benefit from attendance. The mini-masterclasses have been designed to cater for all types of creative person – whether they are already in business or just starting out.

As well as the presentation, there will be opportunities for networking – and at such a great venue there is even the opportunity to make a day of it and have lunch or coffee afterwards with friends – even those you meet on the day!

The events will feature a range of guest speakers, experts in their field, that will help you navigate the business side of being creative. Subjects include:

Business set up, Marketing, Copyright, Royalties, Grant writing, Publicity, Pricing your work, Tax and much more….

Who should attend:

Musicians, Visual Artists, Photographers, Writers, Crafters, Dancers, Actors, Filmmakers and any other creative…..

You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced business people from the creative sector and discover other like-minded creative people to work and network with.

• Sponsored by the Redland City Council, the low cost events will help generate business collaboration and open useful doors to companies/individuals across the creative field.

Redlands Sporting Club
Anson Rd Wellington Point

Each event will be held on a Saturday morning from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

The event dates are:

• 28th September 2019

• 5th October 2019

• 16th November 2019

• 18th January 2020

• 22nd February 2020

• 21st March 2020

• 18th April 2020

• 30th May 2020

• 20th June 2020

• 18th July 2020

Keep an eye out for more information on event topics and speakers here or on our website: https://applausegenie.com.au/tbobc_redland/

(While the mini-masterclasses are designed for creatives, all types of businesses can benefit from the information, and you are welcome to attend.)

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Creative Business get togethers
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I am really keen to start running more informal creative business get togethers so we can help each other in growing our businesses, most likely either a coffee afternoon or a breakfast meeting.
I would be looking at one in the Redlands and one elsewhere, maybe on the North side of Brisbane (if anyone knows of a great coffee shop that would hold a meeting please message me to let me know).

If you are interested please RSVP and message with the following information:
- Breakfast or afternoon coffee
- Redlands or Brisbane northside
- Weekday or weekend

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Pricing Your Work

Redlands Sporting Club


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