Token Engineering Meetup - DevCon Osaka edition

Token Engineering Tokyo
Token Engineering Tokyo
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Chuo Ward, Bingomachi, 3-chōme−6−2 大雅ビル · Osaka

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What we'll do

Our mission is to see token ecosystem design become a new engineering discipline. This implies a body of theory, practice, tools and a sense of responsibility. We aim to do this collectively as a community in a decentralized, permission-less, open-source fashion that all can contribute to and all can use.

We warmly invite you to this meetup, where we will be discussing hands-on how we can go about tokenizing our global and evolving community.

Cassidy Daly - Bridging DeFi and the Real World: using Bonding Curves to open up access to the financial system
Jeff Emmett - Scaling the Commons to Re-prioritize People & the Planet
Markus Koch - cadCAD: complex adaptive dynamics Computer-Aided Design
Masahiro Yasu - Introduction of Majority Judgement and Quadratic Voting

[Time Table]
18:30 - 19:00 Gate Open
19:00 - 21:00 Presentation & Demo & Q&A [presentation order TBA]
21:00 - 21:10 LT 1 - Paul Kohlhaas(at Molecule)
21:30: Gate Close

Cassidy Daly :
Token Design & Cryptoeconomic Research at Centrifuge

Cassidy Daly brings a strong foundation in economics to her current work on token economy design and engineering at Centrifuge. She holds a Master’s in International Finance from Columbia University where she also worked as a consultant for the Federal Reserve. Her passion for token design comes from its potential to re-imagine what an economy should look like from the ground up to better facilitate our needs as a global society.

Jeff Emmett :
Researcher Token Engineering at Commons Stack

Jeff is a researcher of token engineering, and a communicator for the Commons Stack. He would love to see novel market mechanisms enabling global cooperation to address the world’s biggest problems. The Commons Stack is an open source development project, building infrastructure for the sustainable funding and management of community-driven economies. Jeff graduated from the University of Waterloo in Electrical Engineering, and is the author of the post ‘Rewriting the Story of Human Collaboration‘.

Markus Koch :
Lead Research Engineer at BlockScience

Markus is a control systems engineer from Florianopolis, Brazil. His experience covers software development and product management, simulation of industrial systems, data science and machine learning. At BlockScience, Markus has lead internal research on decentralized economic systems such as MakerDAO and CryptoKitties, and contributes to the development of cadCAD as product manager and subject matter expert and by producing educational materials.

Masahiro Yasu :

Majoring in nuclear fusion research at Kyoto University, Yasu analyzed patterns of Alveun eigen mode excitation of helical plasmas via the Fortran language. He Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. (the parent company of Indeed) in 2011, leading business strategy development, working with business SNS development, and creating an innovative business card management application. Yasu also created referral tools, and lead the creation of new business and their development direction. Actively working on machine learning and natural language analysis, and receiving the highest prize, called GROWTH FORUM, Yasu was awarded for developing and leading Recruit Co., Ltd’s planning in 2016. Afterwards he also serves as project leader for a joint project with Microsoft Japan. Upon encountering blockchain technology, he became immediately convinced that the tech would be a means by which to speed up the evolution of the world and society at large, even more so than AI or VR, and so created ALIS.

Kazuaki Ishiguro :
Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger

Kazuaki is a Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger, and a Japan Regional Head of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. At Couger, Kazuaki currently leads blockchain development within the Connectome project, which is designed to become the next generation of ubiquitous interface.