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The Virtual Eclipse Community MeetUp ("vECM”), is a meeting place for the Eclipse community, dedicated to the discussion and discovery of Eclipse technologies.

Learn first-hand about Eclipse projects, working groups, best practices, hacks and tips n’ tricks for the adoption and usage of Eclipse technologies.

Stay tuned for local and virtual events, as we invite our global community of Eclipsians to participate in the discussion.

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Upcoming events (2)

Low-Code Development with Eclipse Dirigible - Cloud Tool Time

Low-code development is a visual way of application development. Low-code allows developers with various experience levels to create web and mobile applications, using drag-and-drop to model application components.

There are two major ways for low-code development at the moment:
- Business Process Modeling (BPM)
- Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

Let's see how a full-stack application can be developed with Eclipse Dirigible, while using low-code techniques.

Introducing Eclipse iceoryx Almond (v1.0.0) - Virtual Eclipse Community Meetup

Eclipse iceoryx Almond was released mid-April 2021 and is the first stable long-term support release. The talk will give an overview over the new APIs, briefly introduce the new features like n:m communication and demonstrate the usage in frameworks like ROS 2 (Robot Operating System).

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Eclipse Che & GitHub Codespaces - Cloud Tool Time

Online event

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