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The Virtual Eclipse Community MeetUp ("vECM”), is a meeting place for the Eclipse community, dedicated to the discussion and discovery of Eclipse technologies.

Learn first-hand about Eclipse projects, working groups, best practices, hacks and tips n’ tricks for the adoption and usage of Eclipse technologies.

Stay tuned for local and virtual events, as we invite our global community of Eclipsians to participate in the discussion.

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Eclipse Che Internals - Cloud Tool Time (Mario Loriedo)

Online event

Eclipse Che is well known as a web IDE but developers are unfamiliar with its architecture. What are the different components of a Che workspace? How does Che relate to Eclipse Theia? How many resources does a Che workspace require? What's the startup sequence of a Che workspace? These are some popular questions about Che internals that we would like to answer in this webinar. Presenter: Mario Loriedo

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