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I first discovered vision boarding many years ago when I longed to own my own home. We had been renting but could not afford to buy. I watched the secret, created a vision board and then totally forgot about it. When I was packing up my rental to move into my own home, I came across my vision board and although the house was not exactly what I had pasted on my board, the date was! I was so blown away by that experience that I have studied the law or attraction and vision boarding for many years and continue to use these tools in my life to create a life that reflects what my soul calls for.

Vision boardings is a powerful way to set intentions and emit a strong frequency out into the universe. By focusing on what you want to create, this will draw what you desire, towards you.

Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. Our thoughts are electric and our feelings magnetic... By aligning the two, you become beacons of light and attraction, the universe aligns and you go into flow. Flow is when there is no more fighting for what you want, when experiences begin to happen to you that align with your vision, when you are in the right place at the right time, when you somehow meet the exact person that you are needing at that particular are in flow. You feel the support of the universe and you know that you are on the right path.

Vision boarding is more than just gluing pictures onto cardboard. The process of doing a vision board is about learning to connect to how you want to feel in your life. This is where I will assist you in understanding how to complete an emotional grid so that your emotions are in in alignment with your goals.

The process of adding the visual is an important component in the manifestation process. It provides a positive reminder to keep hold of those feelings until it becomes our natural state of being. It is a way to reconnect with how we want to feel in our lives.

Using different processes I will guide you, hold the space for you and help you create a vision board that reflects your innermost desires.

What is your soul calling for?

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