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This meetup group will be exploring all what is good and interesting in Philadelphia.


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This is the meetup group to join if one wants to get to know new people and learn a few new untried things.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Shikkaricon 2019 Anime and Gaming Convention (Center City)

William Way LGBT Community Center

Anime, Gaming and Cosplay Fans! Heads Up! Right in the center of Philly! Convention Hours Saturday, October 19th: 11am to 9pm Sunday, October 20th: 10:30am to 5pm Check out our website for more details and to pre-register: www.shikkaricon.com We also have a group on Facebook: Shikkaricon Join the group for the most up to date news and discussions! ALSO: (Alex the admin, that's me) will be appearing as a guest throughout both days, running 2 games, a fun drawing contest, and a tokusatsu presentation (and whatever else they make me do!) Will be posting more details about specific features of the con soon. In meantime, registration is open and there is an attendance cap, so grab your tix now!

Hyper Battle Kaiju Fight MEGAWAR Giant Monster Game at Shikkaricon (Center City)

HYPER BATTLE KAIJU FIGHT: MEGAWAR Giant Monster Game Event! Easy-to-Learn, Easy-to-Play all action game where YOU control a giant monster and battle across the galaxy! This game is open to all-ages and there will be prizes, including exclusive convention-only items! Run by game designer Alex Strang. ABOUT THE CON: http://shikkaricon.com/

Kaiju Design Challenge at Shikkaricon 2019 (Center City)

William Way LGBT Community Center

For Any Skill Level! Manga Artist and Kaiju Designer Alex Strang leads you through a fun, humorous workshop with a game-like twist! Create your own giant monsters in this fast-paced challenge where creativity rules! Part of this year's Shikkaricon An convention in Philadelphia! ABOUT THE CON: http://shikkaricon.com/

Tokusatsu Chat! Japanese SFX TV at Shikkaricon (Center City)

William Way LGBT Community Center

As part of this year's Shikkaricon 2-day schedule: TOKUSATSU CHAT Let’s Talk Live Action SFX Japanese Television! An informal, relaxed chat circle led by toku-crazy-guy Alex Strang, where the topic is all things toku! Ultraman, Metal Heroes, Super Sentai, Kaiju Eiga, Kamen Rider, Midnight Toku and much more! The world of toku is vast and SLOWLY becoming more well-known in the States. No knowledge required, just interest! Includes a variable-level trivia contest with prizes!

Past Events

New Game! Time Vs Ninja! (Northeast Philly)

Nerdom Lounge

USD 5.00

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