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What we're about

Who are we?

Local people taking care of wildlife and sharing our passion and knowledge in a practical and fun way in the parish of Cookham.

What is our vision?

By 2019 we will have a Cookham plan for wildlife and nature that stands alongside, and has equal status to, the Village Design Statement and is adopted by the Parish Council and the borough planners.

What are we doing?

· Planning a calendar of local events and activities such as guided walks and talks

· Running practical campaigns and initiatives to enrich habitats such as:

o Wildlife and natural gardening – educating people about the importance of their gardens and creating wildlife corridors through gardens for hedgehogs and many other animals. Promoting the use of natural and non-chemical substances in the garden.

o Leaving verges and meadows long, not cutting until after flowers have seeded, and planting wildflowers on verges as food sources for bees and other insects

o Not cutting hedges and trees between Feb and Aug while birds are still nesting

o Securing habitat and nest boxes for certain birds such as House Martins and encouraging the use of Swift bricks in new-build properties

o Reducing light pollution

· Updating the Cookham Wildlife web pages on

· Offering wildlife advice and building a community of interest through a dedicated wildlife forum on

Who is supporting us?

National Trust

Woodland Trust

Upcoming events (1)

Bluebells and Study Walk

Little Harwood

Very generously, David and Margaret Harrold are opening up their garden for us to come and enjoy a springtime stroll through their 16 acre bluebell woodland. Their wood hosts a fabulous array of these iconic spring flowers.

Brian Clews will be your guide for this event, the Harrolds manage Little Harwood's grounds for wildlife and have invited us in to see what we can find. The bluebells should be in all their
finery, but what else might be waiting discovery? Join us to find out.

This is a really delightful way to spend a morning, here are some shots from 2019's event.

Due to the Rule of Six, this event will fill up very quickly.

There is hard standing parking half way up the drive. Please use this: there is limited parking at the top of the drive for the less mobile.

Wear suitable footwear. This is a private garden, so no dogs please.

Past Events

Wild Breakout - Cookham’s Hidden Reserve.

Dean Lane

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