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<3 A group of conscious and heart centred women looking to cultivate deeper connections with other women and self in sacred and healing environments.
A place of storytelling + sharing and learning life tools, skills and techniques to live a more empowered, confident, balanced and passionate life filled with joy, laughter, love, abundance, acceptance and MAGIC!
If you are ready to step up and embrace all that you know you are destined to be and embark on a journey of remembering, we'd love to meet and share space with you! <3

About Elise:

An Advocate for Empowered & Holistic Living, Conscious Connection and Catalyst for Change.

By sharing my unique gifts of service, my ultimate reality is to lead 1000 individuals to self- realised Emotional, Mental and Financial Freedom.

Founder - Your Freedom Granted

W: http://www.yourfreedomgranted.com

E: elise@yourfreedomgranted.com

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