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Entrepreneurs of Sarasota has always been known as Young Entrepreneurs of Sarasota (YES). Our name change (8/19) will indicate who we will appeal to and who is our audience. We share success strategies every Tuesday. All ages welcome (120 yrs or younger), no membership applications, FREE no dues. YES is a positive oriented volunteer educational support and mentor group for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Business Owners. It gives you a chance to be working ON the business, instead of working IN your business. Networking, relationship building and lunch starts 11:30; YES Main Program starts at 12:00 and ends at 1:00. More networking, relationship building, and mentorship counseling continues after the meeting.

Everyone is taking care of their own bill and pays at the cashier on the way in. Pricing is $11 for buffet lunch.

Upcoming events (5+)

Mastermind! Got A Problem? How To Focus and Take Action via Group Mentorship

Got something you need to talk about? What's the biggest nagging problem facing you in the next three months? Are you doing one thing towards resolving that every day? if not, why? Maybe you have run out of ideas how to handle it? Want help from people who have already been there, done that and have found ways to overcome whatever is in your way? Come to this meeting as a business person, new or seasoned to meet other business people. People who can be a listening post, think of solutions with you. At today's meeting, you will have the opportunity to use the power of the Group MASTERMIND to get answers to your most pressing and highest priority difficulty. Sometimes it is the business, sometimes yourself, or external factors. Learn what you can control and what you cannot control. Inside your mastermind group, you will address the issue most preventing you and your business from moving ahead; what ONE action can you do every day to move forward? if you are not doing it, why? What isn't working and what can you do to be in action? Come prepared to give and receive Knowledge, Resources, Experiences, and Referrals with your mastermind group. This is going to be a very exciting hour and you will come away with a plan that keeps you focused and successful over the next 3,6, 9 and 12 months. Leave the meeting with answers and a list of action steps to resolve your dilemma. Totally worth it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relationship building and lunch starts at 11:30 AM; Meeting / Program is Noon to 1 pm; Questions, Mentoring, and more Relationship Building 1 pm until ... Everyone is taking care of their own bill. Pay at the register on your way in. The price of the buffet & a drink is $10 including tip. If you don't eat, you will be charged $3 for a drink (and tip).

Show & Tell: How I Get Customers To Buy My Offerings and Be Successful

Ever wonder, what made her successful? What can I do to achieve similarly? Do I have what it takes to be like him? What has she got that I don't have? Two entrepreneurs, eachl in various stages of development and growth, reveal their secrets of finding and keeping customers Learn from each of these great examples what worked and what it took, and the secret ingredients and recipes that helped them become who they are today. You will leave inspired and motivated. And in action.

Speed Networking: Meet 20 - 30 New People and Get Max Exposure in the Least Time

Ever heard of speed dating, where you have the chance to meet the "love of your life"? Business Speed Networking could have the same results. If not, you'll still LOVE this meeting. You'll meet new friends and deepen old relationships. Every person you meet could be a future strategic partner, referral partner, client, investor, product or service provider, or friend. Who knows who you will meet to help you becoming successful business person, a new person in your network and or another great idea. Let's take this opportunity to meet new contacts, partners, social friends and new customers. Speed Networking is very different from regular networking. Speed networking is a structured process for facilitating introductions and conversation between people who don't know each other. Here's some guidance to prepare: You only have 1 minutes each to make sure each other gets what the other needs. You are here to find out how YOU can be of service to THEM, not vice versa. Don't hog all of the time, not an impression you want to leave. Here are some of the key points: 1. A short elevator speech - start with a hook or question. 2. Bring Business Cards 3. Be aware of your personal brand 4, The Theme you want to communicate 5. a) Their market’s PAINS b) Your UNIQUE solutions in terms of what’s in it for them c) How people can EASILY work with or refer you Some good speed networking questions to ask are: a) What do you do? b) How can I help you do that better? c) What made you decide to come to this event? (this can be a great way to identify problems they might be having to see if you can help) d) What inspired you to start doing the work you’re involved with now? e) What are some strategies that you’ve found to be helpful for your recent work? In one hour you will meet 20+ new connections that will last forever. Who knows who you will meet, how they can help you, or how you can support them? Remember, it's about how you can be of service. Come and and create relationships for life. The last networking event we had people exclaimed for weeks how fun it was. Who knew that business can be fun?

Speed Introductions: Tell Us Why Are You Special and What Makes You Different?

Ahhh, the elevator pitch. Why is it so hard to get right? A great introduction is delivered in 3 to 4 sentences You get our attention and make us curious to find out more. It is clear, concise, compelling and curious. It is not cryptic or confusing, cute or clever. It's not a sales pitch. It's the beginning of a conversation. Sentence 1: Who are you? (Not who do you work for or the name of your company) Sentence 2: What do you do? Sentence 3: Why do you do it? Each person will get 1 - 2 minutes to introduce themselves to the group. Today we will work in teams to get your introduction ("elevator pitch") perfect. Then, you will share your introduction with the group. Will we want to know more? If you get it right, you bet your sweet patootie we will! So be prepared to stay after to network more and answer everyone's questions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relationship building and lunch starts at 11:15 AM; Meeting / Program is Noon to 1 pm; Questions, Mentoring, and more Relationship Building 1 pm until ... Everyone is taking care of their own bill. Pay at the register on your way in. The price of the buffet & a drink is $11 including tip. If you don't eat, you will be charged $3.50 for a drink (and tip).

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