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Coffee and Conversation
Come hang out and chat with other Melanins. If you are new to the group or have never been to a meetup, this is a great opportunity to join in. This place has coffee AND comic books. Sounds pretty cool to me. Let's check it out!

Legend Comics & Coffee

5207 Leavenworth Street · Omaha, NE

What we're about

Young Omahans of Color is a group for diverse young people in Omaha, NE.

Join us for social events, volunteer opportunities, and civic engagement opportunities. Whether you’re a Native Omahan or a transplant we are sure you’ll find your fit amongst us. If you are interested in hosting an event please share with Ravan or Mariena!

Young Omahans of Color is an inclusive group that chooses not to center activities on the interests and experiences of non-POC people. While non-POC people are welcome trolls are not. If the existence of this group in any way offends you please know that is not our intention but we don't really care.

Message from founding organizer Mariena:

"As we go through the stages of life, from high-school to college to career, we tend to notice less and less people who look like us. Why is this important? Because while meeting people of all kinds is beneficial, there is something comforting about looking around and seeing your reflection. Sometimes it is the only way to free ourselves of all the stereotypes that sit like elephants in room as we are, once again, the only Black person, or Mexican, or really anything but White.

I work in Corporate America, around people who have degrees in physics, computer science, or math, like me. Not a lot of people of color enter those fields. This group is for people that understand what I mean when I say that you can sit in a room of twenty friendly faces and still feel a little isolated.

There are endless things to do in Omaha that we often do not experience because we are afraid of that same feeling. Let’s go out, do those things together, and enjoy each other’s company. There is nothing to lose and great friendships to gain. Come on out!"

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