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Welcome to ZeroWaste San Francisco.
Our goal is simple, we want to gather like minded local citizens who live a ZeroWaste lifestyle or are aspiring to ZeroWaste goals. Let's share our ZeroWaste hacks to promote the type of future we want. We will be planning special ZeroWaste dinners, book discussions, events and tours of recycling facilities to increase our awareness on the topics we need to be knowledgable about. We also aspire to take some action to share this way of life with our community in order to swing the behavioral paradigm.

ZeroWaste is a philosophy of awareness, attention, alignment and action around to address the environmental impact of single use packaging waste in landfills and the ocean. There are many versions of a ZeroWaste philosophy and lifestyle and we want to hear how you define it but the general idea is removing ourselves from standard single use plastic packaging consumer habits that are rampantly damaging our planet. If you are the kind of person that gets a pit in your stomach when you go buy groceries and see the next person in line buying mostly single use plastic packaging trash, we want to meet you.

Past Events

The First ZeroWaste San Francisco Meetup!

Rusted Mule

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