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We are a professional organization for AI practitioners in the Silicon Valley. We aim to bring together data scientists, engineers, and business people working in AI and big data area. We host seminars, interactive group meetings, and mentoring sessions. We provide an exchange platform for big data professionals to share their experiences, learn about the newest technologies and explore potential startup opportunities. Join us today. Find like-minded people in AI and grow your career and AI and big data business with us.

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Introduction to Deep Learning

JJ Lake Business Center

What are the basic components of deep learning? How can you master this subject and apply it to your work in a short time? In this tutorial, I will give an overview of deep learning, all major deep learning models (and reinforcement learning) and their applications. I will share the basic topics that you need cover to become proficient in deep learning. This tutorial is for people who are interested in learning deep learning and become hands-on in using deep learning. I will share a learning program that allows you to master deep learning in 6 weeks. Speaker: Junling Hu is the author of the book “The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: What you must know about AI”. She was Director of AI at Samsung, and a leader of data science team at PayPal. Junling has extensive experience in building AI products, ranging from large-scale recommender systems, targeted marketing, sale prediction and NLP products. She received her Ph.D. in AI from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. Schedule: 6:30-7pm Meet and Greet 7-8pm Tutorial by Junling Hu and Q&A 8-8:30pm Social


Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

Our meetup member receive additional 10% discount with this code: ODSCWEST_FRONTIERS Buy your ticket at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/odsc-west-2019-open-data-science-conference-tickets-53970588483?discount=meetup19 About the Conference The annual ODSC West in San Francisco brings together the most influential data scientists, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. ODSC West showcases the best and the brightest when it comes to Data Science, including many open source data science pioneers. Learn from leading 210+ experts in hands-on trainings, workshops and talks on everything you need in applied data science and artificial intelligence. Day One - Accelerate AI and Training Sessions The Accelerate AI Business Summit holds talks and panels about the Business of AI and data science plus network with industry leaders. Day Two - Training Sessions Enhance your data science skills through training sessions taught by world-class data science instructors, in small class sizes. Here you'll strengthen your technical skills and boost your professional profile through hands-on trainings led by core contributors. Day's Three and Four - Workshop and Talk Sessions Further your data science knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals at the many conference talks and workshops. Tools, Topics, and Languages Impress your boss and colleagues with the skills you gain at ODSC West. Here’s just a sample of the tools, topics, and languages we'll be covering in 4 days: Topics: Recommendation Systems, Transfer Learning, Machine Vision, Autonomous Machines, Conversational AI, Data Science Research, Artificial Intelligence, Speech Recognition, Unsupervised Learning, Image Classification, Self-driving Vehicles, and Machine Translation Languages: Python, R Julia, Scala, Pig/Hive/NoSQL Tools: Python, Jupyter Notebooks, R programming, Julia, Scala, Stan, Apache Spark, MLlib, Streaming, Tensorflow, MXNet, Caffe, CNTK, Scikit-learn, Theano, Shogun, Pylearn2, Azure ML, Amazon ML,H20.ai, Cloud ML, Neo4J, D3.js, R-Shiny, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Flink, Kafka, Druid Networking Opportunities Connect with 4,500 of your data science peers from around the world at these networking opportunities provided throughout the conference: Daily Coffee Breaks / Review the talks over coffee Career Expo / Cross paths with startups and Fortune 500 companies looking to hire talented data scientists Office Hours Session / Drop in and bring your questions, big and small Share a meal and ideas with like-minded individuals at Dinner with Data Scientists. (This a self-organized event. ODSC suggests the venue and provides a signup sheet. Each individual is responsible for their own dinner cost.)

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