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Campfire is about creating a unique safe community.

Every special needs family is unique and although incredibly rewarding the journey can be very isolating for all members of the family, the individual with special needs, their siblings and their parents even if everyone's making a super human effort to get out and about and stay connected with the world. Campfire's about sharing fun group experiences in a supportive community where it is our hope that every one of our special members has the opportunity to connect with a group of like minded individuals to share common interests.

Planned family events include Survivor and Australiana inspired campfire festivals; professional didgeridoo performances, sharing damper and a BBQ of our country's unique fare or a walking tour of a park that's regularly frequented by our country's indigenous wildlife like kangaroos and platypus or meeting up at St Kilda beach for fish and chips and catching a rare sight of our local Fairy Penguins.

Many events are open to entire families and for the safety of all, some events will require the supervising adults to have a Working With Children Check.

As the organiser of this meetup I have two children, one of whom has special needs. My family's looking forward to sharing lots of fun times with other special needs families.

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