What we're about

circuitBoard is a series of media arts meetups from Feb-May for prototyping in a collaborative environment to encourage dialogue around sustainable use of technology in the arts.

Activities involve "challenges" such as:
- seeing what we can create together with limited technology
- exchanging our equipment and media with others to see what we can create
- open/participatory "jam" like performances

The meetups encourage artists, non-artists, hobbyists, and tinkerers from any level of experience to participate. Please bring your favorite creative technology tools and works-in-progress/prototypes such as:
- your laptop with your favorite media software running
- a USB drive with your media/musical work
- synthesizers and electronic music instruments
- DIY electronics projects/hacks etc.
- video or slide projector if you do that kind of thing
- non-electronic media is welcome too if you think it fits
- software you're creating or hacking

*please be willing to share your tools and media in the meetup

For an independent study in CU's Critical Media Practices, PhD student Kimberley Bianca is interested in how social peer-to-peer processes can generate new concepts of how we can share tools in creative, social spaces and manage our resources based on mutual trust and cooperation.

While part of a study project on facilitating collaboration, there is no interest in collecting any personal or private data on participants. Allowing photo and video documentation is voluntary.

Read more about the program (and the proposed online forum) here: https://www.circuitboard.im/meetup-proposal

And see the photos of other meetups that Kimberley facilitated for a visual example

Past Events

circuitBoard: collaborative media arts meetup #1

Boulder Public Library - Main Library

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