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An evening of software development lightning talks for the entire development community run by the crew that organise the DDD Melbourne conference.

What does DDD stand for?
DDD Melbourne started out its life as part of the Developer! Developer! Developer! series of events and while our heritage is as a developer-focussed conference, DDD Melbourne is not just for developers, but for all professionals in the software industry. These days we don't expand DDD - it's not an acronym for us anymore, but if people insist then we might say Designer, Developer and Data Scientist, or is it DevOps, Data architect, distributed tester?


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DDD by Night June - Hybrid event


It's DDD but *lightning*.

The evening will be a hybrid event hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew and consist of short & sharp presentations of fifteen minutes in length on a dev related subject.

You can join us on zoom, we'll aim to get the call started somewhere around 6pm before we have our introductions and first speaker. --> (zoom link tbc)

You can ask questions of our speakers via Slido. We'll try to ask your questions as they come through on Slido, but otherwise we'll be asking speakers to come back to them asynchronously --> (slido link tbc)

Our MC for the evening will be the fantastic Akanksha Malik of Paths Uncovered!

Akanksha is a Data Scientist, a Microsoft AI MVP, and an international speaker. We're very happy to welcome her back to MC for us again!

5.45pm Open doors

6.15pm Intro and three talks

HOWTO: Become a 10x rockstar developer: Bee Gibson
(Pitched at people with a little bit of coding knowledge and an awareness of tech industry culture)
Ever wanted to become a Rockstar Developer? Or a 10x Developer? Both? In this talk Bee will share their journey to becoming a 10x Rockstar Developer and how you too can become a Certified Rockstar Developer!

Extend yourself through Mentoring others: Chris Schaller
(Pitched at mid level to senior developers)
Part of what makes a good developer is being a good problem solver, but how do we find help to solve our problems or how we be found by people who need help. Using CodeMento.IO as an example, lets explore the mutual benefits to establishing Mentor/Mentee relationships with other developers and where to find them!

APIs explained: Brad Thomas
(Pitched at DevOps/platform engineers and developers)
APIs are everywhere! How and Why do we interact with them? In this talk Brad will demonstrate how to interact with APIs in a low-code manner then discuss why we should implement them into your workflows.

7.15pm Break for some Food

7.45pm Two more talks

Mastering the art of Accessibility Acceptance Criteria for better user story development: Ross Mullen
(Pitched at anyone who has to document accessibility requirements for digital products)
Crafting user stories with accessibility information is no easy task. Should developers painstakingly include copious accessibility details within each story, or simply refer to WCAG and hope the requirements magically materialize in the final feature?

Enter Accessibility Acceptance Criteria (AAC): the solution to this predicament.

AAC provides overarching accessibility criteria that are applied during user story creation. Unlike developer-centric approaches, AAC's are business analysis centric and outlines the essential behaviours a completed feature must exhibit—a desired outcome—without delving into the specifics of implementation.

Continuous delivery at ANZx: Luke Sleeman
(Pitched at software developers generally)
We cover the 4 pillars that ANZx uses to continuously deliver the ANZ Plus application and how they work together to allow us to go from a Pull Request being raised, to the the code being out in the customers hands in an average of 5 days!

Azure OpenAI and Embeddings: Hungry for a food-based demo?: Dylan McCarthy
(Pitched at software developers generally)
As more and more applications come out with AI integrations it can be hard to know where to start and how to bring in your own data.
We will have a look at how to use the Azure OpenAI Service to create a simple AI chatbot, how to create text embeddings from a set of grocery data (all helpfully generated by ChatGPT) and how to create the chatbot to find the relevant data and respond to the user's question.
To wrap it up, I will show a live demo of this system working with questions from the audience, so I hope you are hungry for an Azure OpenAI grocery demo.

8.45pm Close

The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew.

All DDD events are subject to the DDD Code of Conduct available at https://www.dddmelbourne.com/code-of-conduct/


Past Events

DDD by Night April - Hybrid event