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Formerly: Sydney 'Short' Book Club - <200 pages

We have a regular meetup every second Wednesday in Glebe. We alternate between a short book (under 200 pages) and a topical discussion night.

Shorter books/novellas are not only their own unique art form, they also provide an avenue for people that are too busy to read bigger texts every couple of weeks to still meet up and chat about literary masterpieces. The night is usually held in a casual space upstairs at the Little Guy Bar on Glebe Point Road.

Sometimes we hold special events which may include philosophy topics over lunch, theater nights (such as Shakespeare), or attending interesting talks.

Above all, we value intellectual discussion, critical thinking, exploration of different perspectives, and philosophical musings on the human condition and the underpinnings of the universe. We value equitable expression of voice and encourage all members to express their opinions on the texts we read and the philosophical topics we stumble upon. Many members enjoy imbuing beer and wine whilst we explore the far reaches of literature.

What you will NOT find in this club is anything from celebrity/mainstream booklists, something you can pick up at the supermarket check-out, or heart-wrenching tales of sweeping romance. So if you want to know how many shades of grey the girl on the train called Emma is, then I would suggest you try one of the many great mainstream bookclubs we have in Sydney.


We have a summer hiatus in January but otherwise we meet every two weeks on a Wednesday at 7pm.

Book Club night: Every second meetup (approximately once a month)

On alternate meetings, we discuss a book or short story under 200 pages. The book selections will still be focussed on classics, literature, and other books not commonly found on supermarket shelves or on some celebrity’s book list. We will avoid chick-lit, romance, and pedestrian thought. Ideally, we will steer clear of heavily misogynistic texts and try to include more books that portray the strengths of women and the benefits of equality to society.

Dialectic Discussion night: Every second meetup (approximately once a month)

On the alternate meetups, instead of selecting a book we will select a topic for discussion. Topics will be accompanied by one or two articles (often of opposing views to each other) that are around 10-20 pages each. This means that every second meetup the material to read before-hand is much less. Indeed, you could come along without having read these articles and still join and enjoy the discussion and debate. Having read the articles will simply make you more informed before you come to the discussion. This should reduce the reading load on the people that are overly busy with life but want to still participate.

Discussion topics will be selected during the year and will be dependent on what is topical, what the members are interested in, and what a member might like to host. Examples of topics may include: Universal Basic Income; Digital identity, privacy, and rights; the ethics of AI; Collective bias; intellectual property; culture industries; and other juicy topics that our members come up with. After a summer hiatus for the month of January 2018 we will commence with “Biographies and Identities” on 7th Feb, 2018.

Special Events

We will continue to hold special events and will try and schedule these to be once every one-two months on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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