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What we're about

This is a supportive community group consisting of very driven and successful business individuals who embrace the power of Digital & Technology.

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, online business, startup business, marketer, consultant, salesperson or business leader looking to succeed in this new age of business?

We get together every few weeks to discuss current contemporary business topics of the digital age, including but not limited to the future of work, how to use technology and digital innovations to maximise the human potential, the power of social media, culture, how to build and foster your network, building a Personal Brand - online & offline and much more.

We are forward thinking, passionate individuals that understand the landscape of work and required skill set is changing.
We aim to share and discuss new opportunities to grow our careers - may it be inside or outside an organisation, assisting each other with the latest technologies and strategies so that we can all understand and benefit from them.

This is a group where we can contribute our skills, knowledge and wisdom to help the group members grow their business, make money and make a difference.

Come and join us at our next MeetUp and share what you do!

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