XTC: Care and Feeding of Feedback Loops, with Elisabeth Hendrickson

Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC)
Extreme Tuesday Club (XTC)
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The City Pride

28 Farringdon Lane EC1R 3AU · London

How to find us

XTC is usually held in the upstairs room of The City Pride. Ask the bar staff if you're having trouble finding us.

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What we'll do

Topic: Care and Feeding of Feedback Loops

Elisabeth Hendrickson (a.k.a @TestObsessed) invites us to talk about feedback: what it is and what it isn't, how to tighten feedback loops, and how to ensure the feedback is meaningful and actionable.

About Elisabeth Hendrickson

Elisabeth is the VP R&D for PDS at Pivotal. She joined Pivotal in 2012, originally to work on Cloud Foundry. Elisabeth is the author of "Explore It!" from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, and won the Gordon Pask Aware from the Agile Alliance in 2010.

About XTC

The eXtreme Tuesday Club (XTC) is London's oldest agile meetup, and has been meeting since 1999. Initially the meetup was focused on discussing Extreme Programming (XP), but it has expanded to include anything XP, agile, lean, or the larger context in which we do software development activities.

We welcome all software development newbies, practitioners, and experts to discuss topics of interest over drinks.

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