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What we're about

"It's an endless rollercoaster: it's so intense and nothing really prepares you for the emotional, physical and financial challenge." is often said about raising children or founding a tech company.

This group is for the (arguably crazy) people who are doing BOTH at the same time.

Yes, yes. You're already busy with family and building a company so why join another meetup/group? Because hopefully meeting other parents who lead a startup will give us hope that IT CAN BE DONE. Come to interact with other Founders with Kids (and you can bring the kids).

Who Should Join FWK?
Join us if you:

1. run or want to launch a startup. We obviously think about tech startup founders but non-tech founders are also welcome.


2. you have kid(s), or plan to, and you're grappling with the challenges of building your family and your company at the same time.

Why Join FWK?
Hopefully, our events will be a refreshing experience, a break from the otherwise family-unfriendly world of DevOps, sprints and release cycles, and pitching and fundraising. We hope that our events can become an occasion to build your business network (founders never really stop) while positively including your family into your passion.

What To Expect?
Expect an unusual format for our meet-ups because we want to be kids-friendly. We'll plan our first events in the coming weeks (est. March/April 2018) and it will probably be on a weekend, at kids-friendly hours and at a kids-friendly location.

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