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Photography is progressive. Photography is the evolution of how we perceive the world at any given point in time. Personalised photography lessons can help you become a better photographer!

This is an outdoor, hands-on, workshop style meetup for those interested in improving their camera skills as well as how photography works - all skill levels are welcome whether beginners looking to learn something new to semi-professionals looking to improve their skills. We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use ANY camera - we will do our best to answer ALL your questions regarding photography. Don't have a dedicated camera to use? Bring your smartphone!

Know how to shoot, but sometimes confused by all the technical camera terms you read about & never fully understood?
This meetup can teach you how to maximise your camera skills.

Want to learn something more in-depth such as photoshop procedures or photo-editing?
This meetup can provide guidance on how to make the most of photo-enhancing software.

Meetups will be held at interesting locations across Sydney & beyond, be limited in numbers so each member can get the most out of the lesson and require a small fee.

This meetup was started to share photography skills with everyone & anyone. You can learn the skills, beauty and art of photography - we look forward to meeting you!


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