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What we’re about

Helpful and supportive regular online and in-person get-togethers for podcasters from everywhere!

We're a community of global podcasters who help each other make brilliant podcasts.

We all make podcasts as producers, editors or presenters.

Each Podcast Club meetup is like a real-life podcaster FAQ asked and answered by the awesome MIC podcaster community who come from across the world - yep it says Manchester, that's where we're based - it won't let us put EVERYWHERE!

Our monthly events are online, and we (aim to!) host quarterly in-person meetups too, what we like to call our 'socials'.

We also have a special podcaster guest most months to give their expert take on a chosen podcasty subject. To date, we've had talks from chart-topping and award-winning podcasters about shortform podcasting,Β rating and reviews and remote recording.

Our guests have included podcasting legend Olly Mann, Brown Girls Do It Too podcast, Obsessed with Line of Duty podcast producers, BBC Sounds Commissioner Louise Kattenhorn, Dan Maudsley (BBC: Paradise), The VO Social podcast, Clare Freeman (ASFB Productions: Slimming World Podcast...), Kate Cocker (The Presenter Coach: Everyday Positivity), Alex Bennett (Lower Street Media, Art of Podcast), Guy Kilty (DipDap productions, BBC 5Live: The Price of Football), Sam Walker (BBC, Desert Diaries, Northern Power Women), Emma Goswell (Gaydio, Coming Out Stories), Mark Asquith (Captivate, Rebel Base Media), Amy Woods (Content x10), Ant McGinley (XS Manchester, On The Left Side).

If you've been to MIC's Podcast Club and enjoyed, benefited or simply love the cut of our jib, please consider buying us a brewΒΒ - the money contributes towards the running of the Club, includingΒ the costs of meetup, marketing and caffeine for Vic & Charles.
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and there's much more info about what we do on our website

MICΒ NicenessΒ Β 
β€œMIC's Podcast Club was a real inspiration for me and gave me the confidence to pursue my own podcast. Seeing others so passionate and enthusiastic about their subjects, made me want to raise my game. It also reminded me of how accessible and friendly the Podcast community can be.” Paul Fores – β€˜Remember The First Time?β€˜ podcast

"We launched our podcast today, it’s a bit rough, it’s been a journey but I want to say thanks! MIC's Podcast Club has been invaluable." Rachel Goulding, Show Stream

We're also looking for sponsors to help support our events and do get in touch if you'd like to host a MIC where you live (when we can!)

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