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Automation in testing - Software Testing Clinic 1.9
Its Automation Time! This session we are going to cover: - Describing what automation is within the context of software testing - Breaking down an application to discover automation opportunities - Describing the different characteristics of automated checks - Choosing specific tools for specific problems that can contribute to a successful automation strategy If you are unsure what this session is going to be about, this video should give you a nice taster for the rest of the evening: Automation: Arrive from 6pm The session kicks off at 6:30 with a break for food around 45 minutes-1 hour in to the session. We will finish just before 9pm. Software testing Clinic is a safe place for students and mentors to learn about software testing. Sponsors: This session is kindly sponsored By Legal and General and venue is provided by Platf9rm.


Tower Point, 44 North Road, Floor 6 · Brighton

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