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Angular 8, Scaling Realtime Apps, LogicApps & MS Flow, Then More Angular 8

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We had a good meetup arrangement, then Angular 8 came out, and we had to put it front and centre, so, our night it going to be:

  1. Quick intro to Angular 8 new features

  2. Tips for scaling real time web applications, including a demo you can run on your phone!

  3. A specially-requested Microsoft Flow talk, showing how crazy easy it is to integrate with so many systems with very little code, in real apps

  4. More Angular 8 in Open Talk, including tales from a real app upgrade experience. This is the first in a series to come

As always, please RSVP quickly so we can plan accordingly!


6:00 -- Start & Networking (by Everyone, Pizza, and Drinks)

6:30 -- Introductions & Agenda, Announcements, etc

6:40 -- What's new in Angular v8?
(Aliaksei Kuncevič)

6:55 -- Quick Break

7:00 -- Real-time Web Applications at Scale
(Stafford Williams)

7:40 -- Quick Break

7:45 -- LogicApps & MS Flow for JS devs: low-code serverless middleware?
(John Liu)

8:25 -- Quick Break

8:30 -- Open Talk
(by Everyone)
This one is totally dedicated to Angular 8. The 1st in a series!

9:00 -- Go home, or plan your own after party :-)
[[ Please note: we are required by venue to leave by ** 9:00 PM **.
Our hosts need to go home on time too! ]]


== What's new in Angular v8?
(Aliaksei Kuncevič)

Aliaksei accepted to give us a quick run through of Angular 8's new features, before talking about his own experience upgrading a real application in the Open Talk later in the night.

== Real-time Web Applications at Scale
(Stafford Williams)

A look into what are, and the history of, real-time web applications followed by an overview of SignalR on .NET Core and Azure. Using cloud resources to push application servers and concurrent connections to their limit.

An all-hands on-board audience participatory experience demonstrating possible use-cases for real-time web technology.

== LogicApps & MS Flow for JS devs: low-code serverless middleware?
(John Liu)

Microsoft make the case that every JS developer should understand what Azure LogicApps and Microsoft Flow are, because they will make us rethink the code we write.

There is always more code to write, but what if we can

  • Use out of the box actions when we don't need to write code
  • Connect to new API and systems painlessly
  • Pay tiny consumption costs
  • Build microservice architecture solutions
  • Fall into pit of success

Join this session to learn about how to write code, insanely fast, without writing code.

== Open Talk

Open Talk sessions are facilitated by Meligy, but the real speaker is often most of the people in the crowd. We get to discuss latest releases, tips & tricks, questions & issues, and a lot more.

This one is a first in a series dedicated to Angular 8, and we know Aliaksei is bringing his real app upgrade experience to show us. Join the conversation with your own questions, tips, and experiences.

One more reason to make sure to stay till the end!!


** WooliesX (Woolworths) **

WooliesX is Woolworths' latest dedicated technology hub. It is a diverse group of teams, including technology, customer digital experience, e-commerce, financial services and digital customer experience.

WooliesX deals with very interesting technology and business problems, that we'll touch on very very briefly during the intro, so that developers interested in their kinds of challenges can learn more about them individually during the breaks or on the following days, f they feel it's the kind of stuff they might want to help build.

Ground Floor, 407 Elizabeth Street · Surry Hills
24 spots left