Thu 13Feb: Microservices Frontend, React Hooks, AND Angular 9 :)

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300 Elizabeth St · Surry Hills

How to find us

Head right from the main East entrance of Central station, cross the road, it's the big building at the intersection. Use the lift to go to level 13. Please be there before 7 PM.

Location image of event venue

What we'll do

Last month when talking about state management in Angular, a few other topics came up like the state (pun intended) of state management in other frameworks - like React Hooks, and how we build fronts in general when they talk to Microservices.

And two great speakers did not disappoint, and they are going to talk about just that. Also check the cool Open Talk topics below!

As usual, please RSVP quick so we get the correct figures for food and drinks. Thanks!


(Note: No need for special cards to enter the building, but you need to enter by 7:00 MAX, we recommend coming 6:00-6:30 at the most)

6:00 -- Start & Networking (by Everyone, Pizza, and Drinks)

6:30 -- Introductions & Agenda, Announcements, etc

6:50 -- Reducing complexity in React with Hooks; Adding it back by integrating Redux.
(Stafford Williams)

7:25 -- Quick Break

7:35 -- Building frontend for your Microservices application
(Ibraheem Osama)

8:10 -- Quick Break

8:20 -- Open Talk
(by Everyone)

8:50 -- Go home, or plan your own after party :-)
[[ Please note: we are required by venue to leave by ** 9:00 PM **.
Our hosts need to go home on time too! ]]


== Reducing complexity in React with Hooks; Adding it back by integrating Redux.
(Stafford Williams)

An overview of the learning curve, dependencies and why-would-you of React Hooks, and the state management features offered by Redux. How do these features work separately, how do they work together, when to use, when not to use.

== Building frontend for your Microservices application
(Ibraheem Osama)

Many organizations are adopting Microservices Architecture in their applications to enable each team to have their own autonomous, independent, deployable and language/framework agnostic services. Developers and Architects design their backend using Microservices Architecture but in many cases, they don’t consider the frontend which ends up in a Microservices backend & Monolith Frontend.

In this talk, we will go through some frontend techniques and frameworks that will help you to build a micro-frontends application instead of a monolith frontend application to leverage Microservices architecture benefits in your frontend.

== Open Talk

Open Talk sessions are facilitated by Meligy, but the real speaker is often most of the people in the crowd. We get to discuss latest releases, tips & tricks, questions & issues, and a lot more.

This is a collective efforts. Meligy will bring some to share, you too bring yours :)

Open Talks often get better near the middle and the end. So make sure to stay till the end!!

Some possible starter ideas:
- What's up with Yarn 2 and 2.1? Why are people so happy/sad?
- Anyone still uses Aguary? Can we use it to test lazy loading in Angular 8?
- What's up with Angular 8 in general? How does Angular performance compare?
- What's new in Ecmascript 2020?
- Has anyone heard of Svelte?
- Tools for Svg icons, and debugging CSS animations

Or scratch all that. Angular 9 is out, this'll be more than enough to talk about!


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