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We built this Microsoft user community with you in mind, where you can connect with MVPs, experts and peers to grow together. Join Peter Ward as he hosts guests to share the latest MS Teams features, tech news, functionality, and cutting-edge ideas. Upgrade your Microsoft Teams skills and knowledge & network with industry experts. Grow your career through a network of like-minded peers.

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Transform your Request Processes with Approvals

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Content: Now that the workforce is trending towards remote/hybrid, paper pushing approval processes are out. How do we accommodate for our users outside of the office walls? How do we keep record of something that isn’t best served in an email or Teams chat? (Think PTO request, new hire setup, annual policy review, etc.) Approvals are a versatile M365 component that streamline the signoff process but there are many things to consider before making your approval process electronic. First, before thinking about the technology, a discovery conversation is necessary to construct an efficient, repeatable process and we will touch on the main points for this. Next, we will examine the four pillars of the Approval lifecycle:
1. Creation of the task – will OOTB Approvals suffice or do we need to design our own custom process with Power Automate?
2. Format the notification – how will we let our approvers know they have a deliverable? The most popular options include email and/or adaptive cards and we will cover the major differences in formatting.
3. Monitor items in progress – how do we see active Approvals? Do we need to build in reminders for our task?
4. Document the results - how do we share the results of our Approval and more importantly, record the outcome?
Lastly, we’ll cover some common requests i.e. assign to a group, dual control, and limitations of Approvals and how they affect design of the overall process.

Bio: Heidi Jordan
Sr. Consultant, Modern Workplace for Avanade.

Heidi Jordan has dedicated 13 years to developing solutions using a combination of SharePoint, forms and workflow – in both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. Specializing in no-code design, she is passionate about implementing custom solutions that satisfy both business and end-user needs. Her background includes, but is not limited to SharePoint sites/administration, SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows, InfoPath Forms, Power Apps and Power Automate.
Twitter: @heidi_jordan14
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/heidijordan14

The link to the event: https://bit.ly/3l02UFR

Team up with Microsoft Visio

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We all know that visual cognition is much quicker that scanning through reams of text, so why not use diagrams more often in Teams?
Not all of us are artists, so why not use an app that provides you with graphic elements that you can just drag and drop, annotate, group and link together?
Moreover, why not use consistent symbology for the particular subject area that you are communicating?
On top of that, you should use an app that you can collaborate, co-author and comment on.
And, if the needs arise, allow everyone or selected users, even if they are external to your organisation, to view the diagram, without the need to convert it?
Well, if you are a business Microsoft Teams with M365 user, then you already have the free Visio in M365 license, and you can start now to do all of the above.
Of course, Visio has been around for 30 years, so it has many more features and capabilities in the two paid-for editions, but all documents can be viewed by all Teams users, regardless of the extra power that has been utilised.
And there is much more power …. as you will see, including integration with Excel, Word, PowerPoint!
Psst … Have you tried the free Visio Data Visualizer add-in for Excel?

Speaker's Bio

David Parker is an experienced data-visualizer for many different scenarios over the past 30+ years. This started in his early career as an architect working with building CAD systems, and then Unix CAD and database for asset and space management, until he discovered how useful and easy it is to link Visio graphics to external data in the mid-90s.
He moved from C shell to VBA, vb.net and C#, along with SQL, to provide Visio-based solutions to clients around the world from his company, bVisual.net, which he founded in 1998.
He has written a regular Visio blog since 2008, written 4 books about Visio (now on the 5th), presents about Visio for Microsoft at conferences, and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2005.
David lives in Reading, UK with his wife but not his grown-up son and daughter.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bvisual/

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