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online tuesday is een event dat elke tweede dinsdag van de maand in Amsterdam wordt gehouden. Tijdens deze avond behandelen we een specifiek online marketing thema waarbij we verschillende sprekers over dit onderwerp aan het woord laten. Hierbij proberen we altijd dichtbij te blijven en het een avond te maken die toegankelijk is en altijd weer verrast. Bij ons niet de usual suspects maar verrassende sprekers die bij ons een podium krijgen!

we don’t look ahead, we look around us.

Online tuesday is voor online professionals en adverteerders die graag met hun vak bezig zijn en zich graag laten verrassen en van gedachten willen wisselen met hun collega’s.

De presentaties beginnen om 19:30 en vanaf 21:15 gaat de borrel van start. De perfecte gelegenheid om te netwerken.

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Online Tuesday #92 "Transmedia Storytelling"

De Nieuwe Liefde

Transmedia Storytelling. What is it? Who does it? And who just thinks they’re doing it? It’s 2019 and everybody wants to implement transmedia storytelling in their online strategy. But what is the most effective strategy for your company? And how do you implement these amazing ideas in your ways of working? We are going to try and clear it up from three different perspectives. So find out the what, why and how, on October the 8th back at our homebase De nieuwe Liefde. The speakers: Sasja van der Leeuw - Pünktlich The first lecturer to climb the stage is Sasja van der Leeuw from Pünktlich. Sasja will be talking about the power of transmedial storytelling and the importance of altering the created content to the different online platforms. Basically she will reveal how to think digital first, by illustrating the possibilities of transmedial storytelling with a case about the DPG Media. A case in which Pünktlich shot all of the footage during the TV-commercial shoot, and used this footage for the online purposes. Why did they do this & more importantly; how did this strategy influence the DPG Media campaign? Roger Verdurmen - Sanoma Second up is Roger Verdurmen, he will be speaking on behalf of Sanoma, the company behind a wide variety of big brands such as: nu.nl, Libelle, VTwonen and Donald Duck. Roger will share his perspective on branded content and how Sanoma adjusts branded content to their many platforms. Jasper Oelers and Pam Evers - Adfactor x BrandDeli Last but not least, Jasper Oelers and Pam Evers are going to talk about how they use storytelling on TV and their digital channels. They combine the strengths of the two companies by working together to make stories come to life on the internet. And they will tell you all about their challenges, experiences and successes. Location We are back at The Nieuwe Liefde, in the city center of Amsterdam @Da Costakade 102 in Amsterdam. Registration You can make a reservation through Evenbrite: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-online-tuesday-92-transmedia-storytelling-72935302453?aff=ebdssbeac. So make sure both you as your clients, colleagues and friends have tickets and register a ticket now! Did you miss out on the ticket sale anyways? You can add yourself to the waiting list so the first empty spot will be yours! Did you already sign up through Meetup, do still make a reservation on Eventbrite. The Eventbrite ticket is the only valid entry ticket. Privacy The event will be shot by a professional photographer and published on both the Socials as website of Online Tuesday and partners. Partners and sponsors Online Tuesday is a monthly event about online marketing, organised by Marketingfacts, DQ&A, Newpeople and Punktlich, and sponsored by Affiliate Summit and EDM Digital Solutions. Sponsors In the past Online Tuesday has been made possible by our sponsors such as Marktplaats/eBay, exponential, Massarius, Measureworks, Oracle Marketing Cloud and Nextail. For the upcoming season we are looking for parties that are willing to contribute to our events, both financially as substantively. As a sponsor you will compile a contribution suited to your organisation. The sponsoring of the regular sessions and the New Years Drink will be offered separately, but naturally combinations are possible. Are you interested and would you like to know more about the different sponsoring possibilities? Get in contact with Lorraine Koevoets via[masked] or [masked]. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask & send and e-mail to [masked]!

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Online Tuesday #91 "Chasing Talent"

Rode Hoed

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