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This meetup group is inspired by the enthusiasm of a little girl who once drew a "picture of God" without any of the typical adult inhibitions.

Her story appears in the following TED talk by Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity (2006) ( (30secs)

We encourage people to re-think, re-imagine, re-envision, re-create who or what God is.

Unless we do the work that this little girl was doing, we will never know the answer to that question, not even "in a glass darkly".

If you find "God" to be a bit formidable, contemplate this nice little poem from Leonard Cohen:



It is so much fun
to believe in G-d
You must try it sometime
Try it now
and find out whether
or not
G-d wants you
to believe in Him

~ Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing, 2006, p49.


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Our banner and logo are extracted from the following artwork: Lee Krasner, Untitled, 1948 (

The background image is from Joan Miró: The Poetess, 1940.


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