The Official Sneaky Tiki Beyond Beginner Group Ukulele Class

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NEW for 2019!
The Official Sneaky Tiki Beyond Beginner Group Ukulele Class
When: 12:45 pm -1:45 pm Every Saturday
Where: QuickStart Studio - 3650 Clairemont Drive #1B, San Diego 92117
Class Fee: $20
Class Level: Beyond Beginner

This is a fun ongoing Beyond Beginner Group Ukulele Class for ukulele players who want to learn new things and improve on the ukulele on an on-going basis.

Class size is limited. This is not an absolute beginner class.
Please only sign up if you can attend.


Q: What is Beyond Beginner Level?

You should know basic chords, be able to play basic songs and understand simple Ukulele Tab.


Q: I just got a Ukulele. Should I take this class?

If you are an absolute beginner...nope. You'd be lost and hold everybody back. We recommend taking Ukulele 101 first, then try the Sea Turtle Group class.

Q: Do you have to be a member of Sneaky Tiki to take the class?

Nope. But you should be a Tiki. It's fun and it's good for you. If you play ukulele you can come.

This class was designed for people who come to Sneaky Tiki and feel they can’t keep up with some of the Tiki songs. Players from other Meetups or Uke groups who want keep learning and improving their ukulele skills are also welcome. We share the love.


Q: How are the classes structured?

This is a non-linear class. That means you can drop in or out of the class
whenever you need to. Class level and material will be adjusted to best fit the needs of the class.


Q: What will we learn?

Each week you will learn ukulele skills and increase your ukulele repertoire. We work on Fundamentals, Strums, Chord knowledge, and playing skills and apply them to songs in the Tiki Tunebook. The main focus will be learning how to play the songs well.


Q: How is this class different from the 2nd Wednesday night Intermediate Tiki Class?

The Wednesday Night Intermediate class is where we preview the new Tiki songs and add in the "fun bits". It is faster paced, geared more to performance. They work on song transition, solo bits, vocal parts and we learn slightly more difficult ukulele parts. The goal of that class is to raise the performance level of Sneaky Tiki for our Meetups.


SneakyTiki/ QuickStart Ongoing Group Classes

Ukulele 101
Level: Absolute Beginner
You go from zero to playing in two lessons. We cover a lot.
Moderate pace

Sea Turtles
Level: Beginner
We break it down at our own pace and have fun.
Slow pace

Official Sneaky Tiki Beyond Beginner Class
Level: Beyond Beginner to intermediate.
We learn fundamentals Moderate pace

Tiki Intermediate
Level: Intermediate
We learn tunes, review tunes and practice them.
Fast paced

Dolphin Class
Level: Advanced Intermediate
We learn more difficult tunes and techniques. Not easy.
We take as long as we need and go as fast as we can.

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