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What we’re about

Who are we - We are Dojo/Club volunteers, leads, champions including parents of kids going to existing CoderDojos and CodeClubs from around Melbourne. For volunteers the meetup is an opportunity to get together a few times every year, share lessons learned, listen to industry speakers share interesting trends in tech, discuss how to address key challenges facing CoderDojos/CodeClubs and most importantly network with each other. 

For educators, teachers and parents the meetup is an opportunity to discover what options they have with regards to their kids STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Medicine) learning journey. Educators / Teachers / Parents might also use this as an opportunity to get some hands on experience with the STEAM learning tools used at the CoderDojo/Codeclub so that they can support their kids at home and work with the volunteers to understand what other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Medicine)  learning options they might challenge their kids with.

This meetup is open to  existing and wanna be volunteers, leads, champions of CoderDojos and CodeClub based in Melbourne, Australia including educators, teachers across different STEAM related disciplines. If you are an existing volunteer, lead or champion when registering please provide details on which Dojo/Club you are associated with and the role you play.  If you are looking to become a volunteer please drop us a note at volunteering at hack2 dot live.  If you are an existing educator, teacher please let us know which institution you are affiliated with when signing up.

So if you are looking to pick up the relevant skills to be able to support your kid(s) on their STEAM learning journey then you should sign up and attend one of the meetups. We will run meetups covering various aspects of the STEAM learning journey we focus on at the CoderDojo / Code Club. If you have any questions drop us a note at learningparents at hack2 dot live.

Learn More - If you are looking to learn more about Code Club please visit - and for CoderDojo please visit -