sthlm.js #53 at tretton37

What we'll do

We're excited to announce sthlm.js #53 that we're organizing together with our friends at tretton37 (! 🎉

⭐️ 18.00 - Doors open, food and drinks
⭐️ 18.30 - Talk#1 An intro to Elm - By Martin Stewart

Elm is a transpile-to-javascript language designed for writing webapps. It borrows heavily from languages like Haskell and F# while focusing on simplicity and ease of use. If you're curious to learn about functional programming but have been turned away by seemingly impenetrable terminology and syntax then this is the talk for you.

In this talk the Martin will give an introduction to Elm, how it can help in writing robust performant webpages, and how he's using it to make games for the browser.

⭐️ 19.00 - Talk#2 Visual testing - By Henric Trotzig -

⭐️19.30 - Let's mingle
⭐️21.00 - Doors close