Sydney Python

What we'll do

Talk 1: Splitting out a library in Enterprise Monolith land - Jeremy Epstein

My experience in moving code, that was tightly coupled to a monolithic Python codebase since forever, and forging it anew in a stand-alone library. Convincing your peers it's worthwhile. Actually making it worthwhile (test coverage, refactoring). And not breaking everything (much).

Talk 2: Python memory consumption - Joao Marcelo Sgreccia

Python a very elegant language which emphasizes readability, however, it consumes a lot of memory, let's explore some ways to reduce objects sizes comparing dicts, classes, tuples and some Performance tips.

We would like to invite you to share your knowledge and experience at our monthly Sydney Python (SyPy) meetup. We are interested in all talks that relate to Python, use Python or that could be useful to Python programmers. If you are interested please fill out this form: