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Building lasting websites; work less - sleep more; and Agile maturity

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Rick G. and Vidish J.


Three great topics: "My Website is Old Enough to Vote", "Work Less, Sleep More" and "Ten years after adopting Agile"

The goal of The Web Meetup is to promote collaboration and a better understanding of the disciplines associated with working on The Web. It's through an understanding of how to improve communicate and realising where our different roles and skills overlap that we can produce better quality applications and websites, and make our work more enjoyable.

Thanks to our sponsors Zendesk, Loud&Clear, All Squares, and RateMyAgent there will be lots to eat and drink; we have great presenters lined up; and there will plenty of opportunity to network and socialise at the event and at the Mitre Tavern afterwards.

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* Agenda *

18:00 - Doors open, food arrives
18:30 - Presentations
20:00 - Finish drinks at Zendesk and head to the Mitre Tavern

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* The Presentations *

My Website is Old Enough to Vote
Kris Howard | Head of Developer Relations for YOW! Conferences

The Web is an industry that thrives on the new… but what about building sites that last? Kris built in 1996 and has maintained it continuously ever since. She'll show us how the site evolved over the years, and the work that goes into keeping it online and relevant 20+ years later.

Kris has been building stuff on the web for a long time. These days she heads up Developer Relations for YOW! Conferences, meeting and working with techies from Australia, Asia, and beyond. Her Instagram account is pretty much all selfies and food.

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Work Less, Sleep More
Jamie Skella

All too often, workplaces have a toxic culture that expects less sleep + more work = better business outcomes. The opposite equation is one Jamie talks about often - from conference stages to company board rooms - which is counter-intuitive at first. More than talk, Jamie built his last startup around the premise that to achieve the best outcomes, team members shouldn't set an alarm, and should work whenever they want. Jamie talks us through why this is so good for business, and so good for the individual - as well how this way of working is adopted.

UX designer and digital product strategist, Jamie Skella works amidst and advises businesses involved in blockchain, e-sports, and even the future of food. Jamie is most well known for his involvement at MiVote and his employment of ROWE (results-only working environment) methodologies across his businesses.

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Ten years after adopting Agile
Craig Brown | VP Collaboration, Aconex

You adopted Agile methods ten years ago. What’s going on now? This is one company’s example.

We adopted Agile practices in 2007 and in the process we have tried and screwed up many things. But we have also gotten a lot right. We believe we have a valuable story to share. For one, we are a fast growing company, rapidly increasing our revenues and staff size. We are also maintaining a great reputation with our staff as an employer they love (see our Glassdoor rating of 4.4/5).

This talk will address questions including:

- What are you talking about after 250 retrospectives?
- What does leadership look like?
- What do managers do?
- What principles drive organisational design? And how does our organisation evolve in this context?
- What compromises do you make and how do you deal with them?
- How do you handle challenges like distributed teams?

In showcasing one example of mature Agile, this presentation will help people to think about decisions they make as their company evolves. It will highlight the things that underpin Agile maturity – including behaviours, values, and communication.In so doing, I will demonstrate that Agile maturity isn’t dependent on pre-canned models like SAFE and LESS. Agile maturity opens new challenges – and the realisation that there isn’t an end state, just new kinds of challenges.

Craig Brown is the VP of Collaboration and Integration at Aconex. Based in Melbourne but working across four continents, he is a champion for working smarter and better. He has deep experience with the Agile industry, getting started with formally managing projects using Agile techniques in 2005. Craig is a frequent host and facilitator of Agile meetups in Melbourne, and arranges industry conferences in Melbourne and overseas. He’s taught Agile and project management training courses as well as being an all-round swell guy.
67 Queen Street (Side Entrance) · Melbourne
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